Makeup Artists Tell Their Most Horrifying Stories

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 17, 2018
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  • Adeline Brooks

    Adeline Brooks

     10 months ago +7898

    ''I'm not Dr. Phil, I'm here to put makeup on.''

  • Pastel †ears

    Pastel †ears

     11 months ago +3625

    I only use expensive makeup *pulls out Claire's makeup set*

  • Anonymous Garfield

    Anonymous Garfield

     7 months ago +6004

    This was my first ever client and I wasn’t really sure what I was doing
    The girl was going to prom, and before I started she kept on saying that she wanted everything to be perfect. I did the makeup, and I was VERY proud of myself. It was probably the best look that I had ever done, and all the shades matched her dress perfectly. But then the girl said to me no no this isn’t right so I redid it. We went through this cycle around 4 times when I said that I was gonna stop and whatever she got, she would have to take. I decided to do the EXACT same thing that I did the first time, and she loved it.
    Me: .................You....................

  • Gacha Panda

    Gacha Panda

     11 months ago +2364

    “ im not dr phill I’m here to put makeup on you “
    I died 😂

  • sayounara1232


     11 months ago +1662

    The pink haired girls hair is so perfectly coloured like that looks like a wig or Barbie dolls hair and it's her own hair!

  • fizzlyTV


     a years ago +2095

    one time i was modeling in a shoot and when i showed up the makeup artist told me that the night before SOMEONE STOLE HER ENTIRE KIT OUT OF HER CAR, but she stilled turned it out and i looked amazing, makeup artists are true magicians and artists

  • Amy Duong

    Amy Duong

     a years ago +2611

    gotta love people who think they can make you do creative work for them for free. Work is work. Just because it's art doesn't mean it's cheap or we can or will do it whenever we can. We wanna get paid for our work.

  • Rebecca Meyer

    Rebecca Meyer

     11 months ago +2622

    I threw up...but I had a bowl and told the lady ahead of time I have cyclic vomiting syndrome. She insisted she wanted to make me look pretty to feel better.
    I gave her a 20 tip

  • Jin Lee

    Jin Lee

     1 months ago +533

    A friend of mine is a makeup artist and she told me she once got a one-star review that said: "This lady doesn't know how to apply false lashes. It fell off just 2 days later!"

  • Drew Graff

    Drew Graff

     a years ago +578


  • Sue Z

    Sue Z

     11 months ago +935

    I have a story, but it's the other way around. I was "the client". For my sister's wedding she hired someone to do makeup professionally because she, and a few people in her bridal party were not inclined in the makeup department. The woman's regular prices were about 115 for a full face and an extra 10 for lashes. It is actually on the higher end, in my area, but my family has always subscribed to the idea that you get what you pay for, so she was willing to pay the prices to make sure everything went smoothly.
    This woman couldn't have been worse. She was so arrogant and rude and the makeup she did was not suited for bridal makeup, my sister's best friend went first and she looked less like a maid of honor and more like she was about to hit the club. My sister asked if she could maybe go a bit lighter and she got really cocky with my sister, saying, "Do people tell you how to do your job?". So my sister told her to leave and keep the deposit, but she wouldn't be getting paid.
    Thankfully, a friend of the family, who was a friggin' mary Kay presenter, stepped up and did a much better job than the "professional makeup artist" did. A mary freaky kay presenter. I was astonished. (Btw, I hate MLMs and do not endorse them)
    I just really hope that MUA took a few more classes on bridal makeup and straightened out her attitude. Otherwise I think her career may have been shortlived.

  • DurasD


     a years ago +658

    I had a bride once that didn't won't to use foundation and wanted way more bronzer then her snow white skill one legally allow! End of the story she ended up getting married looking like a hot mess but very happy with my work. O.o

  • missartist123


     8 months ago +403

    I absolutely loved my makeup artist’s work for my wedding day. He asked me to rate his work on his Facebook page and like the page and do all that stuff. So I was like okay, you did amazing work so I’ll let folks know about his craft. Come to find out months later, he was posting memes that were shaming women who didn’t wear makeup, and doxxing “problem” clients on his PROFESSIONAL page. Called him out for it and his brainwashed fan horde attacked. Couldn’t believe how unprofessional this guy was towards people and how he used his own business’s page to shame women for not wearing makeup. It’s sad when a truly talented person gets so petty and arrogant that they think they are untouchable by “peasant “ hands

  • Fawn Rosie

    Fawn Rosie

     10 months ago +310

    I once got my makeup done by a "profesional" She was the nightmare. I was going to do a photo shoot for my sweet 16 and I was going to tell her what I want but she shushed me and told me to close my eyes. BTW I hate eyeliner it just doesn't suit me. Once I felt her putting pressure on my eyelids with a pencil I was already knew I wasn't going to like it. When I opened my eyes I had purple eye shadow (doesn't suit me. I am more of a pink/red color for my eyelids) And the eyeliner was WAYY TOO THICK! With my eyes open it looked like I was wearing black eyeshadow. I looked like a hooker. AND SHE MADE MY LIPSTICK A REALLY BRIGHT PALE PINK AND I'M TAN. IT LOOKED GROSS. I askeed her nicely if she can please remover the lipstick and let me choose the color and then I asked if she can also remove the eyeliner because I don't like it and I explained that it's too thicc and dark and I don't want to look like that in the photos. She got mad and told me no. She told me the makeup is "beautiful" and to pay her $40 I said no because I don't like the makeup and she said "fine $20" I looked at my mom and we ran out the salon. Noone chased after us. I have a feeling that salon wasn't even supposed to do makeup.

  • J.V.R. Mama

    J.V.R. Mama

     a years ago +788

    My sister called in a favor from me for emergency wedding makeup and hair as the other artist didn’t work out. The bride was the intended for my Sister’s husband’s brother. I was already suspicious of the entire thing since there was hysterical crying going on in the background when I was called the week before, directly after the incident that caused the other artist to be unavailable. But since the Bride was willing to pay the exorbitant fee for the last minute booking and the wedding was coincidentally on my day off and on a weekday, I agreed. I went in and after I was done she loved everything until she saw her regrowth. That’s right! She freaked out over the fact that I was unable to not only read her mind and know I would need to make the dark brown regrowth suddenly light blonde in the short time allotted but also do it on the day of the wedding. 🙄 Mind you none of this was ever brought up to me or anyone else until that very moment. I was speechless (which is completely out of character for me) and my very shy, sweet, peacemaker sister went rabid on the petulant bride for being such an ungrateful brat and after she went to so much trouble to get me there on such short notice. I started laughing and told the bride that while I might have amazing powers to enhance someone’s assets, I was NOT God which is what she needed at that point. The entire bridal party was horrified at the Bride for her antics and kept apologizing. I told them that it was ok since I wasn’t the one that would soon be related to her. I was paid and tipped very well for the trouble she caused but it was a horrendous experience. Luckily the groom did eventually divorce the Bride so my sister no longer has to deal with her at family gatherings.

  • Hannah Mullen

    Hannah Mullen

     10 months ago +557

    It's possible the first girl had an eating disorder?

  • Natalia Peralta

    Natalia Peralta

     10 months ago +312

    i’m an aspiring makeup artist and currently going to school to get my license. these two girls in high school asked me to do their makeup. i said of course and was super excited!! i wasn’t going to prom so it was fun to have something to do that morning. all i asked was that they bring their own foundation + tip. tell me why neither of them had foundation and proceeded to get mad that i didn’t have foundation that matched their skin tone. (i’m fair skinned and NEVER wear foundation, they were both deeper skin tones) as an amateur makeup artist, how am i supposed to have everything fOR EVERY SKIN COLOR??? i did their makeup, they both LOVED it yet didn’t tip me. one of the girls even asked me to do her cousins makeup. i spent 4 hours doing their makeup....for free. never again. i’m so sketchy about doing makeup for friends now. either pay me for my skills or do your own makeuo

  • Ireland


     7 months ago +82

    We were the client for our horror story. My sister hired an MUA for her wedding for herself and four other girls. The mua had great reviews and communication and whatnot but then comes her wedding day. 20 minutes after the scheduled time, we were still waiting for her to show up and then an hour passed before we realized she wasn’t gonna show and she refused to answer her phone. I ended up running to the store to get the stuff we needed and did 5 girls makeup and hair in the 2 hours we had until the wedding. Everyone left to get to the venue and I’m sitting at home, crying my eyes out from stress, trying to get myself ready in 20 minutes (I was maid of honor) and ended up making it to the wedding at the exact moment it was starting.
    Everything turned out to be wonderful but man, I just about missed my sisters wedding 😂

  • Grunkle Tiro

    Grunkle Tiro

     11 months ago +146

    I assisted autopsies and worked pathology so that all my crazy stories have zero social interactions, just weird and crazy ones which raise more questions than asked.

  • ona nation forever

    ona nation forever

     11 months ago +274

    My sister is a makeup artist and one day this lady comes up to her salon and says can you do my makeup for free I'll give you peppers I'll give you a watermelon just do my makeup for free and my sis of course says no and than she said what if I give you two watermelons and two big bags of peppers and my sister says no I don't need these stuff and than the lady starts screaming I'll go somewhere else and they will do my makeup for free better than you and than she left