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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 14, 2019
  • GOT7 "ECLIPSE" M/V TEASERFind GOT7 "SPINNING TOP : BETWEEN SECURITY & INSECURITY" on iTunes & Apple Music [GOT7 Official] http://got7.jype.com & Apple Music 2019 ⓒ JYP Entertainment. All Rights Reserved
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  • May _

    May _

     3 months ago +1431

    I don’t know if a lot of ahgases will read this or get my message but the amount of wins we get for Got7’s next album is SO important!
    We really want to get as many wins as possible. It sounds harsh but to motivate you I want to bring up how we got no wins for “you are”, how we got only 1 win for “look”. Both of these comebacks deserved so much better, but we weren’t strong enough. Got7 put so much effort into each comeback. Can ahgases as a fandom work extra hard right now? Let’s make them proud together, don’t lose hope! We can only be successful IF we work hard!
    Also please remember we’re going big groups like Winner, and NCT127. As well as a popular rookie group AB6IX and possible Somi! This is big competition and due to JYP’s poor promotion for Spinning Top’s comeback we’ll need to put if a lot of work to get these wins!!!!

  • limit of life

    limit of life

     3 months ago +639

    I want got7 to famous in Korea too. have a big award in Korea too. Jyp Please promote them more and more in Korea. Srsly their want a big award in their country too. Please

  • Ananya P

    Ananya P

     3 months ago +297

    I’m a new fan and this will be my first comeback with them so excited 😆

  • L T

    L T

     3 months ago +388

    I honestly don't give a shit about other groups rn. It's time for GOT7 and GOT7 only

  • Diane Obeng

    Diane Obeng

     3 months ago +193

    Ahgase this comeback we are not playing so stop saying the word Vi3ws , Str**m, hashtag and no emojis please

  • Ana Rosé

    Ana Rosé

     3 months ago +1290

    Raise your hand if you stan got7 if not then raise your standards

  • apsr _93

    apsr _93

     3 months ago +144


  • Diane Obeng

    Diane Obeng

     3 months ago +55

    Guys check the Album spoiler on Vlive is so good. Plus preorder the Album.

  • jess ethy

    jess ethy

     3 months ago +30

    i can stop everything nd talk abt how perfect these boys are all day

  • Focus Got7

    Focus Got7

     3 months ago +40

    They are all looking into our eyes telling us ...THEY are BACK !!!! 7 or nothing !!!

  • Blank


     3 months ago +527

    It’s been about a year since I’ve kept up in kpop. I think I’m ready to come back to where it started. GOT7.

  • Maaouia Marwa

    Maaouia Marwa

     3 months ago +35

    I'm here after watching the 2nd teaser keep st***g guys

  • Deeb BTS

    Deeb BTS

     3 months ago +32

    Seriously why this amazing teaser have only 1.5m views

  • G7 nafr

    G7 nafr

     3 months ago +6

    take note STRM8ING GUIDE (SHARE PLS)
    - don’t comment w emojis (ANY)
    -no playlist, search manually everytime
    - watch Eclipse, then 2-3 other got7 mvs change the pattern (repeating over & over Eclipse MV doesn't help at ALL! just one viws is counted)
    - don’t press the repeat button /don't refresh
    - don’t skip over the other songs
    - don’t spam the replies w words like “str3am” or “vi3w” at least censor it. don't use #
    - just ignore abt yt history
    str3am normally *make sure no suspicious act that can make YT delete the vi+w..

  • Joanna Camille Demate

    Joanna Camille Demate

     3 months ago +28

    Jaebumieeeee your so handsome. Goodness! I can't help it I want to marry you and GOT6 are the best man! Gosh!



     3 months ago +380

    For new AHGASE
    JB - the talented one
    Jackson - the talented one
    Yugyeom - the talented one
    Youngjae - the talented one
    Jinyoung - the talented one
    Mark - the talented one
    Bambam - the talented one

  • kanchan panwar

    kanchan panwar

     3 months ago +27

    I am waiting for your new MV dear Got7...specially jinyoung...lots of love from to India...

  • junkyu is my life

    junkyu is my life

     3 months ago +10

    when streaming, remember to wait for five minutes after watching the mv before continuing to stream!!!!!!

  • Lara Vergara

    Lara Vergara

     3 months ago +7

    Stop sleeping on this kings you rats



     3 months ago +8

    I thought i was the MV cause it said mv but when i pressed it it said TEASER am i the only one OKAY *sobs*