Following A Bob Ross Painting Tutorial

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 13, 2018
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  • Murder Ballad
    Murder Ballad  4 minutes ago

    this made my day♥.

  • Swati Vidhyarthi
    Swati Vidhyarthi  11 minutes ago


  • Io Hendrickx
    Io Hendrickx  20 minutes ago +1

    I want moooooooooore <3 man this was genious

  • DJSheroXD
    DJSheroXD  21 minutes ago

    Jenna your painting looks really good and please make more of these! This video was perfect!

  • Love Love
    Love Love  30 minutes ago


  • angelique rivera
    angelique rivera  an hour ago

    No mistakes just happy accidents. You had too much purple but luckily you messed up the white before and didn't realize so it saved the purple.😊

  • Галина Устинова

    Крутяк! Мне понравилось! :)

  • FridaKitty
    FridaKitty  an hour ago

    Jenna wtf ur painting is beautiful !!!!
    the clouds are a little too much tho xD

  • Nevada Frankie
    Nevada Frankie  an hour ago

    Its actually pretty good

  • lindseyjorissen
    lindseyjorissen  an hour ago

    I was so angry watching this lol that was the worst brush ever, I didn't pay attention but I think it has the wrong hairs. Looks synthetic plastic-y and it should be the dry pig hair ones I guess

  • Jackie lisa
    Jackie lisa  an hour ago

    "Bob just bangs these out!!"

  • saki train
    saki train  an hour ago

    "I'm already feeling my feelings" 😂😂😂

  • Stojmen Lazarov
    Stojmen Lazarov  an hour ago

    Do an ASMR ....

  • Glittery Unicorn
    Glittery Unicorn  2 hours ago

    Bob painted always 3 paint of the same for these videos: one that he did previously in his own studio (offline) to use as reference for the live paint on camera, and a third to sell it after.. so in this way he knew exactly where to do clouds or any other elements on camera as he had already done another paint exactly the same (and keep it as reference)

  • Alex Reyes
    Alex Reyes  2 hours ago

    Awwww 5:36 that look ♥️

  • Lara H
    Lara H  2 hours ago

    I *love* this

  • The sincerity That hasn't been delivered

    The problem appeared in using too much liquid white, thus brush strokes being visible, you were doing well otherwise!

  • Aliyah Garcia
    Aliyah Garcia  3 hours ago


  • Lisa de Vries
    Lisa de Vries  3 hours ago

    The trees and mountains actually look really good the way you did it!

  • Lisa de Vries
    Lisa de Vries  3 hours ago

    "no, i see nothing, all the time!" 😂