Jon Favreau’s Iron Man - The Insane Origin

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 27, 2020
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    Wow, a positive MCU Video Essay from your pal HiTop Films? What is this, an early April fools Iron Man video essay? Naw, I just love Jon Favreau’s Iron Man and want to talk about why it’s The Insane Origin, hence the title Jon Favreau’s Iron Man - The Insane Origin. This is probably my best video, video essay, passionate rant, since the Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man videos. The title ain’t clickbait, Iron Man is insane, it’s insanely good, and the making of the film is insane. May be a hot take, but Robert Downey Jr. gives his best Tony Stark performance here. I may not love where the MCU is now, but I sure do love Iron Man. Remember without Jon Favreau and this film, there would be no MCU. If you want more MCU rants or love letters from HiTopFilms, let me know in the comments. Much love to you all and especially to those who read this nonsense.



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