Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ Review

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 26, 2019
  • Our Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ Review is our longest video yet, but definitely worth watching till the very end.

    In 2019, with the flashy Galaxy Fold on the horizon, is the Note 10 still the most desirable Android phone it used to be? How does its camera perform vs the S10+, P30 Pro, or the Google Pixel 3? Should you get the Note 10+ or the smaller Note 10? And is it your GadgetMatch?

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  • Shadow V.

    Shadow V.

     18 hours ago

    Getting it on 15 November cause thats when its blackfriday in my country... man i cant wait... ive seen it in person at a store a month ago and i fell in love and ever since ive been inpaciantely waiting... a little over a month left and i can finally get it!

  • Denithros Blackshire

    Denithros Blackshire


    Very Professional. 👍🏾

  • J P

    J P


    Can anyone tell me why no reviewers never addressed the VR sections, does the battery still getting hot after you use it for a while?

  • Richard Verdeblanco

    Richard Verdeblanco


    Superb review as always. Kudos Michael Josh!

  • Rex Luminus

    Rex Luminus

     yesterday +1

    Missed out on OS specs.almost a 10 review do better next time.Too much time spent on the looks!
    A TTL of 7/10. You're in the top 5.

  • ahmed gamal

    ahmed gamal


    7:46 are you trying to take a shot or masturbating




    The display is an interesting topic. I chose the regular note 10 because I like the size. Theres enough screen there for what I need and the plus model was too big for what I do day to day with a lot of handling and travel. For me the regular note fits better as a professional that needs to be actively on the move.
    Coming from the S9 it feels like a genuine upgrade but I can't comment about those with Note 9's or 9 plus's.
    I have a colleague with the note 9 and note 10 looks and feels better all round in my opinion. With the S9 I very rarely had the screen res on max to conserve battery, but before I sold it I ramped up resolution and compared it with the new note 10 which had a lower res screen but much larger. To my surprise while the S9 at max res did look a very small amount sharper, overall the note display pops a lot more in colour and depth and the added screen size made up for any slight difference in sharpness. Overall the note 10 display looks and feels superior to the S9 I had before it and next to the note 9 it still popped more. To me FHD+ at the regular viewing distance and angles is easily comparable to the QHD displays of the note 10+, S10 and S10+. If the difference was so much that the regular note 10 screen looked inferior I wouldn't have kept the phone. But it really only seems to be a deal breaker for some tech reviewers and mostly those that are just reading the numbers anyway.
    I liked that this review was honest about the res most note 10+ users will be sticking to as FHD+ is the default setting and most won't change I believe in order to get more bang for your buck regarding battery life. Samsung analytics likely know this and saw the majority of S10 and S10+ users doing the same thing day to day to get more out of the battery before needing to charge.
    Granted, having the option to ramp that res up higher when watching a movie in bed or streaming to your smart tv is worth mentioning.
    So far quite impressed with the note 10. If I had an S10 though I would have skipped a release and waited for the 11...

  • Gino g

    Gino g

     2 days ago

    Seriously, this phone suck! I had it for 2 days. Came from a Note 9/8gb version. The note 10 plus has a great screen yes, and a wide angle cam and a bit better specs. That's about it. The moving of the screen off button sucks, (can be solved by one handed operation+ app) the headphone Jack, now you need an expensive dongle to charge and play pubg at the same time, the cheap dongles doesn't even charge your phone. The screen saver blacks out the notification bar when using nova launcher, it's like I'm still on the note 9. And watching porn on pornhub, instead of filling the screen, there is a white bar on the side the hole punch is. (on Horizontal mode) that's even worse than the note 9. And the biggest reason I returned my phone was that the whole phone vibrates specially on the back, when playing music thru the speakers on volume as low as 30%! THIRTY PERCENT! Now I'll just have to wait till Feb for a new Samsung to come out. If you have a note 9, keep it!

  • Luis M

    Luis M

     3 days ago +2

    He has the iphone watch while using the note 10 lol



     4 days ago

    Awesome review.

  • Martin Trujillo

    Martin Trujillo

     4 days ago


  • Ayaan


     6 days ago


  • ariesmelissa


     6 days ago

    Great review! Thanks

  • Sean Nicholls

    Sean Nicholls

     6 days ago

    Watching it with my note 9 lol

  • Vincent Foronda

    Vincent Foronda

     6 days ago

    Jet li reviewing ;)

  • Otis Pollard

    Otis Pollard

     6 days ago

    Where can I get a red note from

  • AppleTricks


     7 days ago

    Between both #SamsungNote10Plus and Note10, Prefer the Bigger model, not just because of the extra features. Though they are great. just prefer a phone with a larger screen.

  • prasanth s kumar

    prasanth s kumar

     7 days ago

    Note 10 or s10 can anyone suggest? For Office purpose and for photography.
    Have gone through few reviews, not a good feedback for note 10. What you all suggest??

  • Razor r

    Razor r

     7 days ago +1

    Is Jaime Rivera your daddy? 🤔😁

  • freedom


     7 days ago

    Awesome work