Winter Story with I GOT7

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 28, 2018
  • Winter Story with I GOT7Find GOT7 "Present : YOU" &ME Edition on iTunes & Apple Music Spotify[GOT7 Official] http://got7.jype.com & Apple Music #PresentYOUandME #MiracleCopyrights 2018 ⓒ JYP Entertainment. All Rights Reserved
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  • Mei Chi

    Mei Chi

     8 months ago +612

    [Don't ever fight me on this.]
    For me, no other Kpop artist can beat GOT7's deep relationship with their fans. They really include ahgases in everything that they do. From their MVs, photoshoots, lightstick, reality shows and their songs, you can feel their deep love for ahgases. 😭😭 And that's what make us love them even more. 💚

  • jinyoung's booty

    jinyoung's booty

     8 months ago +358

    I personally think Got7 is one of the groups that always shows how much they love their fans and doesn’t hesitate to express it. Even when i’m being part of this family like two years ago, I am SO proud of them, they grow so much since predebut, they are so powerful and passionate and so talented. I just love them a lot and i don’t know what i did to have the pleasure to met them years ago. they changed me in a good way. every word they put them in songs is just like i’m feeling the connection. got7 will always be the one and only for me.
    two years ago i met one of the reasons i smile today.
    got7, fighting!!

  • izz jaszly

    izz jaszly

     8 months ago +390

    literally i dont like kpop, i hear to korean songs because my sister always play it loud. the first song i heard is bts's song but no matter how popular they are, i just cannot like them. later on i accidentally heard got7 never ever and i really love it especially jackson voice. i'm wonder who is that. their song is really amazing and i gonna hear all their songs and now here i am, an ahgase for 1 years
    Thanks for the likes Ahgases🐦
    #7OrNothing #7OrNever #7For7

  • sofhia


     8 months ago +116

    the amount of positive comments here is beautiful. 💚💚 got7 knows how to bring their fans together and that's truly amazing. got7 with igot7 forever. 💚💚

  • saroyah price

    saroyah price

     8 months ago +118

    GOT7 is hands down ONE of the best groups of this generation of kpop! They love their fans like they’re their own family(including each other) and their music helps and inspires people all over the world who are going through some problems or just need some cheering up. The chemistry in this group is amazing! They are so relatable and funny! I just... 😂😂 UGH I love this group so much! They work hard everyday and they always give us BOP after BOP after BOP! Please stream MIRACLE and SHOW SUPPORT OR STAN GOT7!! They deserve everything 😍❤️😍

  • Nur Fatehah

    Nur Fatehah

     8 months ago +296

    2016 : FLY, HARD CARRY

  • Phyo Ei Zin

    Phyo Ei Zin

     8 months ago +135

    Music Video Stream Ahgases🐥💚💪
    A - 100+M
    Lullaby -60M
    Miracle -15M in first 24 hours 🔥🔥🔥
    We can do it Baby Birds 🐥🐥🐥

  • Manga Panga

    Manga Panga

     8 months ago +103

    to be honest I know that the day will come when got7 have to disband but I wish and pray that even after they get get married or disbanded from the company I still want them to have their own company where they will have their own song production , music video production , dance choreography and many more and stay as got7 forever until the death . I want to grow old with them even though I may not be destined to meet them in person.
    Maybe I sound too dramatic right now but I said what I wanted to say😣😭🤧

  • Cloudy Sensation

    Cloudy Sensation

     8 months ago +86

    I may not have been here from the beginning... but since I have, I've been supporting them 100%. They make me so happy, it's strange! I never thought somebody I didn't know could make me feel happy and smile even through my hardest times, but their music and their love for each other and us ahgases, makes me smile no matter what I may be going through. They give me strength and my fellow ahgases give me strength.
    I've been hesitant to call myself a true fan of them because I haven't been here forever, but I'm no longer hesitant becausd I love them so much, and you guys so much! IGOT7 family is so awesome, Merry Christmas! ❤️ Let's keep supporting them 100%!!🐥🧡



     8 months ago +38

    For an Ahgase who is reading this right now, I just want to tell you that- Thank You So Much- for not giving up on these boys. Thank You for still holding. You guys have done great. I wish that you guys will always be what you are right now. We all know how much these boys deserves everything. I hope you'll stay with us until last.
    You deserve a lot too, always be positive!
    Even if this is not their time right now, I know it will come. Hardwork always pay, so let's fight and let's be PHOENIX!
    I hope we win a DAESANG AWARD IN THE FUTURE!

  • — sarah

    — sarah

     8 months ago +186

    we will love and support got7
    we will love and support got7
    we will love and support got7
    we will love and support got7
    we will love and support got7
    we will love and support got7
    we will love and support got7

  • Shine Yui

    Shine Yui

     8 months ago +43

    The green ocean is amazing! 😭
    I know there are other Kpop groups with green lightsticks but for me GOT7 and ahgases green ocean is the best! 💚💚💚

  • Azize Ak

    Azize Ak

     8 months ago +36


  • Ajusshi leader

    Ajusshi leader

     8 months ago +31

    This is so beautiful I don't know what to say .. I'm just so grateful that I got to know GOT7, I'd be lost without them.
    They aren't even the first group I got into but they're the only one that got my love, their genuiness, passion and themselves as a whole ... how can you not love them ?
    Thank you for everything GOT7 💚

  • Cisoon 93

    Cisoon 93

     8 months ago +26

    I literally know I'm gonna cry when this song comes out!! Who's with me???

  • GOT7 and IGOT7

    GOT7 and IGOT7

     8 months ago +155

    Find a group that love u like GOT7 love AHGASES..includes ahgases in every comeback..and now title song that related to Ahgases..

  • LX_S4M


     8 months ago +76

    Hello or Annyeong!!!
    I know it sounds a bit clinché and I am being lil too cheesy but this is how things are.
    I know sometimes you just have too much to say but can't find the right words,but atlast I've decided to say it all.I'm gonna write my heart out.Its been years and yet when i hear em,see em, and watch them do what they want and get all those shiny "thingies" I just can't hold myself back and believe i don't want to. I finally know which position they hold in ma life.I finally know it and I love it💚
    Seeing em grow and become what they are now makes me proud to an extent I wanna scream.Time flies it really does and we come to know loads of things.Its not like that, that I've started loving em since yesterday but still,yesterday (11/28/2018) was indeed an important day for me. I finally realized the MIRACLE that had already happened to me five years ago.It will be no exaggeration to say that I've indeed learned a lot from em.
    I know they're not even gonna see this.Maybe even y'all are least interested but i think i had enough hold back.I wanna say it all and I'm gonna upload it in different languages and i know y'all feel same.
    From few months I just thought I was getting into all the other stuff, and my memories that were filled with their laughter and cries were fainting but this is one thing.I CRIED!!! I really did to an extent i couldn't see the screen properly and i had to play the video again.
    Its all surreal but it's true........
    I TOTALLY LOVE GOT7. GOT7 chincha sarang.💚😭🙆
    It was foolish of me to ever think I'll leave Kpop and forget GOT7. I CAN'T, I TRULY CAN'T...
    In my damn life,surrounded by text books and note books, studying 24/7 to an extent my back hurts and i wanna yell but just laying for a sec, putting earphones on and listening to their songs brings me the comfort I cannot get otherwise.I know im in a country where having a chance to see your glimpse seems a DAY DREAM but can i say no matter where you are, what you do and what you get (even if we get nothing) I will be by your side, supporting, screaming and crying like a crazy fan.
    IDENTITY to PRESENT:YOU and now miracle its a long-lasting journey. Our first win to our record breaking wins for LULLABY....We have indeed accomplished the greatest but its not the end.
    It was kind of my oppas to share their tears and happiness with us and we'll remember.We are just getting started.Still more to come,and more MIRACLES to see.but the truth is, OUR GREATEST MIRACLE IS GOT7.💚✌😭🔥🙆Aghases hwaiting.
    From a crazy and over thinking AGHASE,
    Love LX_S4M

  • Jamie Gyeom

    Jamie Gyeom

     8 months ago +16

    I'm new Ahgase 🐥💚 I knew Jackson in variety shows before GOT 7 but when I checked thru all about Jackson I found GOT 7 and I fall in love with them 💚 And this MIRACLE song really attack my feeling and this is the best song for me to spend final month of 2018.... Although I faced a lots of life challenges in 2018, the song title already give strength to believe that is a MIRACLE will happen on me in 2019 !
    I love GOT 7 💚 let's meet our MIRACLE 🐥💚😘

  • Shine Yui

    Shine Yui

     8 months ago +30

    Kpop groups may not stay forever but I hope GOT7 will never disband 😭😭 I may sound selfish but they're an important part of my life. They may have hiatus or each have solo activities but I don't want them to disband, they're family. Even if they take long hiatus its okay to me as long as they will not disband 😭😭
    7 forever 💚

  • Manga Panga

    Manga Panga

     8 months ago +15

    I don't know if got7 will ever read my comment but..... I wanted to confess something.....
    I'm a girl from India who failed her 12th standard board exam(this exam also known to be gateway to the new route of our life kinda), I was all mentally broken down with the result on my phone screen and literally it was like I lost my reason to live and many of the times I felt so lonely and the thought of suicide would periodically cross over my mind. I would always stay inside my house just eat, sleep and time to time lock myself in the room ,weep alone, not letting anyone know, I became so pathetic. I really tried to trick my brain that I'm fine it's nothing and I just need to prepare myself for the re-exam which is next year but my brain is too smart to be tricked that easily I guess so yea I couldn't get over the pain.....why am I saying this? Well the thing is I got this willingness let's say motivation to move forward from you got7 and igot7..... back then I really tried many ways to manipulate my mind to move on .... I watched some fanmade videos of got7 from time to time just to cheer myself up and slowly and surprisingly I started opening up literally more than I use to before (maybe recovering from the pain polishes a person's character to the better😅 that's what I think). But after seeing your achievements during lullaby comeback I realised how much you all have grown despite it taking so long and it feels like you have just started, you never gave up hope on us ahgase and most importantly you never stopped believing on yourself unlike me😑 and you know what at that moment I felt an urge to really move on and pursue my dream (well my dream is to become a writer🤓). On that moment I vowed to myself that when I become a successful writer I'm gonna write a book on basically how much got7, how much ahgase, how much this family inspired me, influenced my life, cheered me up, gave me strength and so much more😖 ..... Oops I didn't even realized that I almost wrote a one hour speech.
    Lastly, love you all fam and love you got7 and thank-you for existing in this world 💖🙆