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  • Published on:  Friday, February 7, 2020
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    This video contains many interesting / satisfying /innovative science toys / physics toys.

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    This video contains:

    👉🏻 Vintage Selenium Light Meter: selenium metal has a remarkable property- when exposed to light it will generate a small electric current. This General Electric light meter, made in 1930 with classic Bakelite case, still works and needs no battery. The selenium metal cell is directly connected to an ammeter which is calibrated to read out illuminance in units of footcandles (1 lumin per square foot).

    👉🏻 Mystery Orbiter UFO

    👉🏻 Hoberman Actuator with Sphere

    👉🏻 Laser Fog Light Show: making the invisible visible

    👉🏻 Chil Balance Sculpture: No magnets!

    👉🏻 Mirror Anamorphic Lenticular Cup & Saucer

    👉🏻 Mirror Anamorphosis: this famous print by artist István Orosz has a hidden anamorphic image revealed by placing a mirrored cylinder over the depiction of the moon in the image.

    👉🏻 Sodium Fluorescein

    👉🏻 The Klein Bottle

    👉🏻 Tree and Mushroom Top Set

    👉🏻 Dual Axes Thaumatrope

    👉🏻 3D Print Planetary Gearset: amazingly this gear set is printed assembled, with interlocking herringbone teeth. The gears will not come apart, in fact this design can only be accomplished by 3D printing the gears interlocked with each other. Designed and first printed by Emmett Lalish in 2013, and this version with refined precision and honeycomb by Don Stewart. ➡ Visit physicsfun website to get the .stl files and/or printed versions of this gear set.

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