Los Angeles Lakers vs Houston Rockets Full Game Highlights | 10.20.2018, NBA Season

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 20, 2018
  • LA Lakers vs Rockets Full Game Highlights | 10.20.2018

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/2jKpMS2e6UE


  • ivan hendrian

    ivan hendrian

     5 days ago

    Hart must be trade

  • Samantha Layne

    Samantha Layne

     a months ago


  • Ünal Buğra Görür

    Ünal Buğra Görür

     a months ago

    this is the match everythings going to shit for lakers

  • StackUpBryan


     7 months ago

    Imagine sitting on yo ass all day and hating on another person people weird.....

  • Obed Remy

    Obed Remy

     7 months ago

    James harden is the best

  • 邓云鹏


     8 months ago +1

    4:29 James was travelling

  • 陳柏安


     9 months ago


    please look at the lakers play at 8:02

    rocket defense is like OMFG what is going on here

    4 man outside 3 point line, only Lonzo Ball at free throw line,
    then heart runs in first
    followed by Kuzma
    LBJ screen for stephenson to drive in to attract defenders , Kuz is open
    and stephenson nice feed for Kuzma to dunk

  • Leu Wel

    Leu Wel

     9 months ago

    8:18 Lance and Melo

  • zack k

    zack k

     9 months ago

    James harden is the best and Houston Rockets the best team ! Don't mess with the Texas !!!Let's Go Rockets 💪💪💪👊💉💯🔥

  • Aaron J. Flores

    Aaron J. Flores

     9 months ago

    all are going to the finles

  • America


     9 months ago

    “ harden... past James and throws it down.” Oh yeah bitches humbleness check.

  • Kyrie Irving

    Kyrie Irving

     9 months ago

    We lost.......... we were old and tired James Harden is better than most of the team of mine

  • MrAllister9


     10 months ago

    Something really needs to be done about the Fake Fouls that are constantly called for Harding. The only way i'll ever watch Houston play is if they happen to be playing a team i wanna watch. I just cant watch Fake Harding bobbing his head the second hes close to someone ... Why do we never see calls for fakers? It actually exists but they never use it instead they continue to make Fake Calls. Getting really fucking tiring to be honest

  • vin russo

    vin russo

     10 months ago

    People give Lonzo WAY to much credit for his defense. I guess because he's a bust, at least he plays defense?? No, that don't work. He was probably the 2nd worse defender on UCLA. Fox put up almost 40 against him in the final 16, same during the regular season, quick guards would run circles around him.

  • Swoosh Walker

    Swoosh Walker

     10 months ago

    i was thinking this game was the december game lol

  • michael tolentino

    michael tolentino

     10 months ago


  • Nicholas Martin

    Nicholas Martin

     10 months ago

    Rondo travelled his dick off after the tip-off

  • B


     10 months ago

    Coming from Cleveland, LeBron should of stayed in Cleveland. This lakers squad is for sure not superior to the Cavs. We would of won 17 and 18 if warriors didn’t have KD. And we could of also worked out the kinks with our inconsistencies with a quality coach. But he is for sure going to struggle just as much if not more, trying to make the finals with this LA team.

  • Valux (le Velux)

    Valux (le Velux)

     10 months ago

    lol lebron blaming on judges, on teamates... he first this jersey so badly.

  • Alex


     10 months ago

    29pts No excuses you must at least drop 30 a night if he wants that MVP.