To Kaykai's house!! Did she buy subscribers?!! - Are You Home EP.5 Feat. Kaykai Salaider

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 3, 2019
  • Today we tour the house of Thailand's No. 1 Youtuber who has over 10M subscribers. Many wonder why this channel is growing so fast. Did she buy subscribers? Or what's her thinking process when it comes to work? Today we'll find out her secrets and talk with her. Enjoy this episode of Are You Home? now!

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    Our fun and laughter began with Bie the Ska (Krit Boonyarang), a fun-loving videomaker who aspires to make people around him smile. He started making videos to amuse his friends and classmates. As a self-taught videomaker, he has always been improving his skills. By the end of 2013, The Ska Film Co., Ltd. was found and has since created countless of fun and entertaining videos which are also educational, such as Life’s Manual, Common Type, Let’s Travel and many more.

    Bie the Ska channel currently has over 8.6 million subscribers, making it one of the most subscribed Youtube channels in Thailand. Besides, there are many channels under The Ska Film production, which are The Snack, Epic Toys, Pleunpung, Fatzlip, Here Zone Teen, Yumaining, and last but not least, The Ska Room, a channel for film lovers. The Ska Film is undoubtedly a production company that can represent various types of brands and products. As a polyvalent Digital Media House that provides one stop services, The Ska Film meets Bie the Ska’s objective to bring a smile to everyone across the world. An objective that can be summed up in one motto: “Do you know that your smile makes me so very happy? ^^”

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