Audi TT RS vs BMW M2 vs Porsche 718 Cayman S: drag race to 130mph

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 21, 2017
  • Watch our newest films before they're on YouTube: 2 OF 4: In the second part of our group test, we time this trio to 130mph. Which is the quickest sports car? Over to DRIVETRIBE's Road Test Editor Vicky Parrott…Follow us: to the DRIVETRIBE YouTube channel:
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  • ImBarryScottCSS


     2 years ago +917

    Today we drag race two manuals versus an automatic with launch control. Come back next week where we see what's fastest a Ferrari F12 or my gran in her Suzuki Vitara.

  • lambosuperl


     2 years ago +1052

    If the TT RS is an automatic, then why didn't drivetribe get an auto M2 and an auto Cayman? Would seem more fair to me :P

  • sloergod


     2 years ago +141

    This makes no sense... Ofc the TT will be faster will a automatic.. Now go do it again with a PDK in the Cayman..

  • RacingRalphEVO


     2 years ago +267

    Yeah, that comparison is as pointless as it gets. Manuals are not for performance, they are for fun.

  • Squidward's House

    Squidward's House

     2 years ago +99

    I simply love the Miami blue on the Cayman

  • RoostVille


     2 years ago +33

    TT RS 0-60MPH in 3.5s. That's very quick! I'm quite surprised it's that quick

  • Benzinio


     2 years ago +4

    Only people who cant drive appreciate the 0-60 time!
    The real drivers ask for corners not for a strait lines!
    Unfortunately today very few of this breed left!

  • boy638


     2 years ago +327

    Please include kph for the rest of the world. Thanks.

  • Santiago Cometto

    Santiago Cometto

     2 months ago +2

    I'm Audi fanboy but this wasn't fair, you should have used automatics gears in all cars

  • Ryan B

    Ryan B

     2 years ago +5

    Wait till the TTRS is tuned. That 5 cylinder engine is an absolute masterpiece. 500hp just on stage 1 tune.
    The M2 is a great car for the price, unfortunately you can't find any. Long waiting list.

  • Rupert Schorn

    Rupert Schorn

     2 years ago +98

    I've always wondered... when these people review cars and they say it's more "fun" because it can drift.... how many people who own such cars would ever take the chance of drifting it?

  • MaX83_ZA


     2 years ago +43

    Error 404: M Power Not Found

  • Doupik


     2 years ago +125

    She sounds like she's about to burst into tears cause someone stole her cat.

  • Daniel


     2 years ago +35

    No offence but this was completely pointless, the auto will always be faster.
    If you couldnt get a auto for the others then maybe the test should of been from a roll...

  • ꧁Brunο _Andrade꧂

    ꧁Brunο _Andrade꧂

     8 months ago +1

    Porsche Cayman 4 cilinder, Audi TTRS 5 cilinder, BMW M2 6 cilinder

  • Rxndn Cndndnd

    Rxndn Cndndnd

     11 months ago +1

    I've driven a TTRS for about a month and it's SOO underrated. You can get a manual one in the MK2 TT with the same 2.5 engine. But the MK3 auto box is perfection

  • magisterartium


     2 years ago +56

    Why would you choose a 130mph time instead of the 120mph time( or 125)? Make no sense. Same as choosing the faster car with an auto but the rest with manuals?
    Good initiative but poorly executed (except for the editing).

  • slaWterCH


     2 years ago +169

    I'd still take my slower 981 GTS over all of these.



     2 years ago +4

    Feedback: It feels like someone was told to make the video as short as possible. The times posted on screen are so quick that I barely have time to even read it. The comparison times between the cars you can't even read the whole thing without having to stop the video, play it back, and then hit pause when the times are posted. It's makes it not enjoyable to watch.

  • Hendrik Winkels

    Hendrik Winkels

     2 years ago +7

    That is Vicky Parrot, if i am not mistaken and she is a superbe car journalist.