Stray Kids 〈I am YOU〉 Inst. Lyric Card 4 ”해장국(Hero’s Soup)”

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 16, 2018
  • Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) 〈I am YOU〉 Inst. Lyric Card 4 ”해장국(Hero’s Soup)”Stray Kids 3RD MINI ALBUM "I am YOU"iTunes & Apple Music: Kids Official YouTube: Kids Official Facebook: Kids Official Twitter: Kids Official Fan's: #스트레이키즈#IamYOUCopyrights 2018 ⓒ JYP Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.
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  • blessings wait for you

    blessings wait for you

     10 months ago +1290

    Lyrics English Translation
    Dad, I am your son
    So I want to know
    The soup you eat every morning
    It's too spicy for me, so I don't like it
    But dad, I guess you must like it

  • myeon


     10 months ago +567

    the kings are coming back

  • Siya D

    Siya D

     10 months ago +705

    If you’re crying and you love it clap your hands !! 👏👏😩

  • Hoodie Hoodie

    Hoodie Hoodie

     10 months ago +405

    So it's HERO'S SOUP. Not hangover soup. 😂😂😂

  • PartyQueen


     10 months ago +339

    Cries in korean, english, spanish, japanese and chinese

  • whoahyunjin


     10 months ago +204

    I’m so proud of the boys they produced THAT

  • FerlyJoon


     10 months ago +70

    so I’m currently wig shopping and looking for some super strong grip glue, because I’m not ready to get my wig snatched

  • Uncle Herman

    Uncle Herman

     10 months ago +456

    Last time I was this early, Minho was still eliminated

  • I'm a multifandom mess tbh

    I'm a multifandom mess tbh

     10 months ago +72

    So hangover soup is now hero soup.

  • BTS ARMY !

    BTS ARMY !

     10 months ago +38

    STAYs, prepare to stream hard all these songs



     10 months ago +79


  • Changbin Is a turtle

    Changbin Is a turtle

     10 months ago +134

    lol what if I Am You is saying they are Got7 since Got7 has I Am Me so technically I’ll be like dis
    Got7: I am me
    SKZ: yEs I am you
    or wait what if it’s like that movie where it’s that blind guy and his name is you and the other guy is named me

  • yellow broecollee

    yellow broecollee

     10 months ago +33

    time flies and its alrdy 3rd mini album of straykids produce they own songs, soo proud of them "))

  • TaeD TaeD

    TaeD TaeD

     10 months ago +32

    Who on earth disliked this?!

  • Hyunjin has all my uwu

    Hyunjin has all my uwu

     10 months ago +13

    brethes in and exhales : " *BOP "

  • changbin’s nananana

    changbin’s nananana

     10 months ago +16

    prediction: it’s my fav song

  • Ely


     10 months ago +28

    Ya estoy llorando TT T

  • Nacha NCT

    Nacha NCT

     10 months ago +20

    AAAAAH!!!!!😭😭😭😭 LOS AMOOOOO💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
    Saludos de chile 7w7 xd

  • 이진진


     10 months ago +9

    "Father, I’m father’s child
    So I want to know
    The hangover soup dad drank every morning
    I didn’t want to eat it because it was spicy but to dad it must have been good"
    It's even more beautifully written in korean. Eng trans don't do justice to skz song

  • Theweirdestfanboythatlivesinthisfuckingplanet


     10 months ago +9

    Looks so sad and nostalgic...I can't wait