Fox News keeps forcing Trump into shutdowns

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 14, 2019
  • Government shutdowns are disasters for Republicans, but right-wing media makes it almost impossible for the GOP to compromise in a budget fight.

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    The U.S. government has experienced three major shutdowns over the past twenty-five years. In 1995, it was a fight over programs like Medicare. In 2013, it was over an effort to defund Obamacare. In 2018, it was over funding for a border wall. And while each crisis revolved around a different policy fight, they all followed a similar pattern: Republicans, egged on by right-wing pundits and talk radio, were pressured into forcing a government shutdown that eventually blew up in their faces.

    Ever since the 90s, Republicans have become dependent on right-wing outlets like Fox News and Rush Limbaugh to rally and mobilize their supporters. That’s garnered them success in major elections, but it’s also backed them into a corner. Republicans know they can’t betray the conservative pundits who helped elect them, but those pundits are becoming more and more ideologically extreme, pressuring Republicans to shut the government down over even minor funding disputes.

    As long as right-wing media has a stranglehold on conservative politics, Republicans will keep finding themselves steered into crises they know they can’t win. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out

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  • Niko Chevinson

    Niko Chevinson

     3 days ago


    Meaning: a new terms for extreme far right politics, handpicking their Senator and will bash that said Senator for trying to compromised

  • Derek Mulready

    Derek Mulready

     7 days ago

    But I thought the Mexicans were paying for it so why would he need 5billion$
    confused IRISH CITIZEN

  • Otto Ellison

    Otto Ellison

     7 days ago

    Bring back the fairness doctrine.

  • evolved monkey

    evolved monkey

     14 days ago

    Fox news is America's cancer

  • Christian Benson

    Christian Benson

     14 days ago

    Ted Cruz isn't cool

  • Christian Benson

    Christian Benson

     14 days ago

    Newt really needed that. He's kinda cool

  • Daniel Ivey

    Daniel Ivey

     21 days ago

    Wish you do Democrats because it would be very very funny how even if your left when you can be so right winged.

  • NickleJ


     21 days ago

    ** Thinks speaking in subject-less third person sentences to express one's first person actions is sillier than YouTube's markdown syntax. **
    Gives up.

  • Adil Faisal

    Adil Faisal

     21 days ago

    Republicans:'Hello customer support? Government is malfunctioning'

    Support:'Have you tried turning it off and then turning it on again?'

    Republicans:'No.Wait lemme try'

    Proceeds to shutdown the government

  • timothy lines

    timothy lines

     21 days ago +1

    repubs have every thing to lose, they are behind every child abuse network on earth.

  • MLM Son

    MLM Son

     28 days ago

    Ole clown Mike Huckabee talking about democrats bullying the president. Nonsense, the president is a bully. And when Obama was in office, the Republicans who controlled the house and senate made things hard for Obama and the public elected him. Talk about hypocrisy.

  • Captain USSR

    Captain USSR

     1 months ago

    Get a real job

  • EGstill85


     1 months ago

    When the leader of the country can go from calling the leader of a foreign power the most negative words his limited vocabulary allows to overnight becoming seemingly interested in a one night stand with that same leader after hearing the leader complimented his dimples; your country needs a human sized broom in its capital.

  • Da Co

    Da Co

     1 months ago +5

    "We'll remember, in November'
    "We'll remember, in November"
    VOTE BLUE Baby!!!

  • TheOneGoofAli


     1 months ago +1

    That Micheal Rosen click, though.

  • Inan Xu

    Inan Xu

     1 months ago

    I feel like people voted for trump just to see what happens for 4 years. It’s definitely some good entertainment and much more interesting than watching stocks rise and fall.

  • plob


     1 months ago

    0:07 ‘nice’

  • jake spivey

    jake spivey

     1 months ago

    Lou Dobbs hair dye use is becoming a a real concern, there's not enough for everyone now.

  • Stefan Hsueh

    Stefan Hsueh

     1 months ago

    The republicans are turtleing

  • oh sizzle

    oh sizzle

     1 months ago +13

    I'm not American but I seriously follow US politics for entertainment