2018, in 5 minutes

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 28, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/4tJJnC26_uw


  • Vox

     5 months ago

    Hi everyone!So 2018 is basically over, wow. We have a lot planned for next year that we're excited about: a new mini-series from Joss, season 2 of Explained on Netflix, and even a show we're making for YouTube. But one constant, potentially the only since we started our channel, is that we wouldn't be here without you. So a huge thank you from our team for watching our videos!! We really do love making them for you 💛— Vox Video

  • Noah Sumpf

     21 days ago

    Vox Wow i just cried

  • OutLogs

     24 days ago

    Vox *This is the most leftist video that exists*

  • iSkrtd

     5 months ago

    Is it just me orrrrrrrrrr.........does this seem like a *”the world is ending”* type of video???

  • Luna West

     11 hours ago

    The world isn’t ending we have the things that we need to fix but there is also a lot of good out there

  • Gloria Del Carmen Torres

     13 days ago

    Me watching this, AND IT'S ALREADY June 2019🤯 🤯

  • MATH Genius

     11 days ago

    Time is passing at speed of light for me. 🤯😱😰😭

  • FBI Guy

     1 months ago

    Who else got chills?

  • Lil Pure

     11 days ago

    Yea, cause I drank some cold milk and my house is freezing so I’m cold

  • MATH Genius

     11 days ago

    I didn't. The world is gonna end if we don't do anything.

  • Pixie Maguire

     5 months ago

    without looking at comments. i’m gonna guess -“better than youtube rewind”edit: the first comment i saw was precisely that

  • Cheezus Christ

     5 months ago

    When Vox does YouTube’s job better

  • Alvin T

     1 months ago


  • Opinions on the Internet

     3 months ago

    When this videos basically talking bout the end of the world and the TOP liked comment is about a meme... I am so proud of this community

  • nVlopez

     18 days ago

    so pathetic af.

  • Merl

     5 months ago

    The REAL Rewind

  • Gacha _Wolfz

     5 days ago

    *iTs ReWiNd TiMe*

  • Gulcivip

     2 months ago


  • oop

     1 months ago

    aw this made me cry.

  • NoZrA 3

     2 months ago

    4:33 when you work like a boss at NASA but still have a 2 minute hand shake

  • levy bonilla

     1 months ago

    The little things that makes us happy