i tested mind blowing food CONSPIRACIES of 2018

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 7, 2019
  • you know how much i love paranormal and conspiracy theory videos and i found some sketchy things that happened in the food industry in 2018. in this video we expose them and we test how scary they are, i hope you like it and subscribe thank you!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/6uI9EosE4so


  • Something Remarkable

    Something Remarkable

     21 minutes ago


  • Unicorn girl 444444

    Unicorn girl 444444

     49 minutes ago +3

    *at the store *
    Mom: lets get strawberry's
    Me: *runs away screaming no no no no no*

  • don't read meh ;-;

    don't read meh ;-;

     2 hours ago +5

    Shane Dawson who?

  • Khasru Miah

    Khasru Miah

     2 hours ago +2

    I was eating Strawberry's while watching you video...I lost my apatite

  • Authentic_Allison 101

    Authentic_Allison 101

     2 hours ago +2

    All of a sudden you started sounding like Shane Dawson

  • lilly denmeade

    lilly denmeade

     2 hours ago

    and this people is when im some what thankful for no allergy's

  • Lucia uwu

    Lucia uwu

     3 hours ago +1

    Omg those meats seems to be extremely disgusting

  • miss_ sampat

    miss_ sampat

     3 hours ago

    This was made on my birthday *yay*

  • Malik Raima

    Malik Raima

     5 hours ago

    I love u so much you are my favorite youtuber I promise

  • What in XXXtarnation

    What in XXXtarnation

     5 hours ago +2

    ....Like this comment?

  • Gacha Gal

    Gacha Gal

     7 hours ago +2

    Pretty sure it was a male that put needles in the strawberries......

  • gamerboy 5468

    gamerboy 5468

     8 hours ago +3

    Grapes I haven’t here’d about this yet

  • lazy luke

    lazy luke

     9 hours ago +2

    I live in Australia😟

  • This girl

    This girl

     9 hours ago +3

    For me the most creepy part was the needle in the fruits😰😰😰

  • Sarah Churchward

    Sarah Churchward

     9 hours ago +4

    I live in Australia and ever body was saying cut up your fruit also sombody got caught putting needles in in kids free fruit

  • Gracinator 101

    Gracinator 101

     11 hours ago +5

    I live in Australia 🇦🇺 and to be honest I wasn’t that scared 😟

  • it’s taesty.

    it’s taesty.

     11 hours ago +1

    it didn't happen to us in Australia when we purchased strawberries, phew !

  • spookygirl_alex1 me

    spookygirl_alex1 me

     12 hours ago +4

    9 anyone

  • Sophie Bolstad

    Sophie Bolstad

     13 hours ago +1

    The strawberry thing got proven fake (sorry if I’m wrong that’s just what I heard) apparently the people just wanted money

  • Ellie Laney

    Ellie Laney

     14 hours ago +3

    I live in Australia but I have heard of the strawberries but not the grapes