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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 6, 2019
  • Hi GADOfam! Today we decide to sit down with Kim, Emmet and Felipe to discuss about their funny/embarrassing moments in Indonesia through a classic yet never boring game: Never Have I Ever. Enjoy! Go-Work: https://go-work.comTheir channels (don't forget to subscribe!):Mas Kim - Em - Valdes - Instagram:Felipe - @valdesfelipeEmmet - @realemmetemKim - @jongseok_kim88Lai - @lailailaizhihaoRhea - @caparasrheaGADO's Instagram:@gadocultureFollow for daily updates and exclusive content ;)
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  • Rhea Caparas

    Rhea Caparas

     6 months ago +809

    To anyone wondering, Nick isn't in the video coz he's currently in Singapore. // Check out Kim, Emmet, and Felipe’s videos as well!
    Edit: Why we say “SELAMAT JUMPA”: on one of our IGTV vlogs, I wanted to say “goodbye” in Indonesian; my mind thought of “selamat tinggal” and “sampai jumpa” at the same time but what came out of my mouth was “selamat jumpa” 😂 (I didn’t even know I made the mistake until Alex pointed it out to me). We laughed it off and since then decided to make it our trademark in our outros 💁🏽‍♀️ So we do know it’s grammatically wrong, we just chose to own our mistake! 😆



     6 months ago +1076

    itu yg pake jaket hoodie lancar bgt indonya



     6 months ago +1874

    The Ayam Toket is masterpiece on this video 🤣 #cmiiw

  • Lukman anugerah mirda

    Lukman anugerah mirda

     6 months ago +677

    The power of tangan orang indonesia wkwkwkwkwk lah iyak baru kepikiran yak 🤣🤣🤣

  • mas kim

    mas kim

     6 months ago +759

    My belly button.. i dont wanna watch

  • Tika Jkh

    Tika Jkh

     6 months ago +454

    "ayam toket" ketawa sampe nangis:""""))

  • al fikri

    al fikri

     6 months ago +170

    Minum air kobokan pecah banget ketawanya 😂 ❤

  • Hari Light

    Hari Light

     6 months ago +252

    Emmet's Indonesian pronunciation is pretty good, and his accent is like a native Jakartan.

  • Nuri Arunbiarti Moeladi

    Nuri Arunbiarti Moeladi

     6 months ago +64

    Emmet pronounce "Mister" in Bahasa perfectly 😂

  • Hide Behind U

    Hide Behind U

     6 months ago +98

    Emmet can speak english like Indonesian 😂😂

  • Anna Karenina

    Anna Karenina

     6 months ago +60

    The dislike is from kim freinds who drunk the bowl water 😂😂😂😂😂

  • laila fazri harahap

    laila fazri harahap

     6 months ago +80

    The way lai said "order panas 2 and eating rice with your hands " i laugh so hard 🤣 it's like u r too often order it lai.
    And about the ayam toket, I will said thanks to your friend to trick u 🤣

  • wakannai


     6 months ago +480

    jangankan bule, saya juga pernah minum air kobokan. kadang ada rumah makan yang ngasih air kobokan pake teko, maksutnya apa coba?🤣 jelas teko buat air minum, lah ini buat refill air kobokan🤯

  • Sebats Dulu

    Sebats Dulu

     6 months ago +321

    3:48 Listen to how casual Emmett speak bahasa with slang like he use it everyday...

  • Felipe Valdés

    Felipe Valdés

     6 months ago +469

    Lucuu wkwkwk 😁😁😁😁

  • Shallyna Nurfadiyah

    Shallyna Nurfadiyah

     6 months ago +203

    AHAHAHAHAAH the Chinese guy is totally right about the Richeese chicken. That is REAL INDONESIAN SPICY. Our people can be crazy about spicy food, and that Richeese chicken is a whole new level of spicy chicken. Once you eat it, you know what hell on earth is. Even I as a local who loves spicy food wouldn't want to eat that level 5 chicken ever again. Lower level is okay, just not level 5.

  • flipping epic

    flipping epic

     6 months ago +84

    Lai's voice n way of talking is so similar with my chinese boss, but Lai is so funny while my boss is not at all.

  • Zalfa Shafira

    Zalfa Shafira

     6 months ago +78

    Baru tau ya ternyata Felipe lebih pendiam dibanding yg lainnya😂😂 kocak bangett and another video with them please:)

  • Bima Adiwira

    Bima Adiwira

     6 months ago +27

    The american guy's pronounciation of indonesian "mister" is really on point.

  • Nada


     6 months ago +72

    There are so many things we don't actually realise it's strange enough, if they don't talk about this. Never realise eating with only the right hand is really something huh.