BTS (방탄소년단) WINGS Short Film #4 FIRST LOVE

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 8, 2016
  • BTS (방탄소년단) WINGS Short Film #4 FIRST LOVEShort film credits:Director: YongSeok Choi (Lumpens)Assistant Directors: Wonju Lee, Edie Ko, Nuri Jeong, Jihye YoonDirector of Photography: HyunWoo NamArt Director: Moonyoung LeeSpecial Effects : Yoseop ParkOriginal story by: Linn ChoiBigHit Entertainment. All rights reserved.Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, KoreaConnect with BTS:http://www.ibighit.com content certified by Big Hit Entertainment
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  • 김블리

     2 years ago

    Bet you Suga didn't understand what he was filming either

  • relatable taehyung

     a months ago

    It's 2019 and m still laughing at this comment lol

  • Tiffani Washington

     1 months ago

    OMG IM DONE🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Zoena art

     8 months ago

    I know I'm late but I just realized the whistle are JK's "Begin"

  • bts fanforever

     3 hours ago

    @Gmir Gmir oh i think when he is on the road he is unconsiois in the fire and he is. Fillowimg jk cuz jk is saving him from the fire

  • bts fanforever

     3 hours ago


  • Amrida O

     7 months ago

    Theory:In this one, Suga breaks into a store despite every negative consequence he might encounter and plays the piano. It means despite everyone's disagreement about his passion for music, he still continued to play. Then he finally heard a calling sound, the whistle, and was going forward. Out of nowhere, a car appears and almost hits him - this is a reference to the car accident he had as a trainee. Luckily, he lives, but the accident still killed a part of him. Everything was so hard for him and ...

  • Meilani Amelia

     7 hours ago

    Your brain is so sexy😌

  • Park ChimChim


    They also said that he got hit by a car when he was a little kid, But he never told BTS and bighit about that i dont think that this goes with what you said but yeah

  • Eduarda Pagnussat

     5 months ago

    Smeraldo Books (2/15): "The car had just barely missed me. The remaining buzz of the alcohol all made me feel giddy. Then I realized I couldn't hear the piano anymore. Yoongi 7 April Year 22"

  • Swag Min

     12 days ago

    Nice number 999 :D

  • be a yoongi stan like me

     27 days ago

    Wait...year 22?!

  • Fuzzy Cube

     7 months ago

    theory: Ok here me out kidsIn #1, at 1:46 jungkook says “hyung”In #2 at 1:46 Jimin looks up as if he heard something In #3 at 1:46 V falls to ground In #4 at 1:46 Suga nearly gets hit by a car In #5 at 1:46 RM covers his earsIn #6 at 1:46 J-hope wakes up from his dream In #7 at 1:46 Jin picks up the flowers that were on his bedso my theory is that because at 1:46 Jungkook called out for Hyung, at that exact same time in every video the person shows that they heard it or something. Theorists, w...

  • taehyung is my uwu

     4 days ago


  • Tulika Pandey

     7 months ago

    *uh huh, listen boy, MY FIRST LOVE STORY*

  • The Floor BTS Stand On

     8 days ago


  • Andrea Hood

     10 days ago


  • kookminlost

     6 days ago

    Who are here in June 2019??? 😭 I miss this era so freaking much!! 💞❤️💞

  • Kwaffy Waffy

     7 months ago

    Is it me or does the whistle part at 1:10 sounds similar to the whistle in RM's tokyo?

  • We have different clothes

     1 months ago

    It’s begin

  • Nur Jihan

     2 months ago

    even though we know its begin but omg yeah kind of similar in a way

  • Rawan Jouhar

     8 months ago

    I'm one of those who believe that Jin died in dark&wild era, and the others died in I need u. What happened in order:Run-I need u-prolouge (prologue never happened, just Jin's perspective). Everything after I need u is their after life. They reunited in young forever. In dope, they're blaming everyone else exept themselves for their deaths. (The lyrics not the video) Fire is about, that they realized what they did was wrong and forgive themselves. (Exept V, he doesn't regret anything. He killed his fat...

  • spark tae

     1 months ago

    WTH my brain

  • We have different clothes

     1 months ago

    Cool theoryyyy :)

  • Chelsea Horror

     2 years ago

    Yoongi the type of guy to break into a store just to play a damn piano

  • StarryEyedKiid

     28 days ago


  • Ayesha Sayed

     10 months ago

    he was playing begin