j-hope 'Airplane' MV

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 6, 2018
  • j-hope 'Airplane' MVj-hope - 'Hope World' Full Mixtape DownloadGoogle: https://bit.ly/2ovoi8mMediaFire: https://bit.ly/2owaKcqDropbox: https://bit.ly/2GPsNRBvCredit:Music VideoProduced by GDWExecutive Producer : Cathy KimProducer : AndowProduction Coordinator : Dooho KwakDirector : Woogie KimAssistant Director : Changhwi Choi, Hyesu HanProduction Assistant : Bonseung KooDIT : Andy Iere KimDirector of Photography : Hyunwoo NamFocus Puller : Siu Um2nd AC : Seungchul Shin3rd AC : Wesley ChangJimmy Jib Operator : Gwangho SongGaffer : Hyeonseok SongLocation Manager : Tae Heon Kim (Lo-Fi)Music Produced by j-hope, Supreme Boi(j-hope, Supreme Boi)BigHit Entertainment. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea.Connect with BTS:http://www.ibighit.com http://twitter.com/BTS_bighit http://twitter.com/BTS_twt https://www.facebook.com/ibighithttp://www.facebook.com/bangtan.officialhttp://instagram.com/BTS.bighitofficialhttp://weibo.com/BTSbighit
  • Source: https://youtu.be/8O_MwlZ2dEg


  • Park Rosé

     4 months ago


  • Sadie Tarlton

     20 hours ago

    Oh wow lol

  • uma army qualquer

     21 hours ago


  • ARMY line

     13 days ago

    *Is Hoseok your favourite rapper????*yes=likeno=comment

  • Brenda Saikwa

     6 hours ago

    I looooove his energy❤👏👏

  • ARMY line

     7 hours ago

    *Suga*but I love *J hope* for no reason 💜💜💜

  • Yee yee succ on my pee pee

     11 days ago

    Hoseok: *breathes*My tears: EXCUSE ME

  • 月; moonbeam—

     4 hours ago

    your username i-

  • Maria Hernandez Contreras

     4 days ago


  • -Inky Ink-

     9 days ago

    Back at this, I am sad some ARMYs only know "AIRPLANE pt 2" and not "AIRPLANE" wich is fabulous too... :(

  • OceanYoongles


    @I love my everything yeah I didn't know all their songs until I started playing Superstar BTS, I did know Airplane by Hobi I just didn't realize Airplane pt. 2 was a like ya know song to accompany that song.

  • -Inky Ink-

     2 days ago

    @I love my everything who knows...they can be true ARMY without knowing some songs yet.

  • Chloe Mc Connell

     12 days ago

    Jhope: *existing*Me: AHHHHHHHHH I LOVE YOUUUUU 💜💜💜💜 My family: *calling a mental institution*

  • 지민의 아내

     5 days ago

    Delete Emoj¡s

  • Sinviana Meliani

     11 days ago

    Coming back to this and Hobi is literally so cool in this MV 😭

  • Army Ananya Oberoi

     10 days ago

    Who's here after boy with luv MV??↓↓

  • Wolfy_ Rhian

     3 days ago

    I'm just rewatching some mvs cuz I don't know what to watch


     4 days ago


  • Busegül Özkaya

     18 days ago

    I'm obsessed with 0:37 Camera work and J Hope's gestures are amazing. Keep replying😍

  • Ahlam Lokma

     5 hours ago

    Please delete the emoji because it freezes the likes and the views

  • 지민의 아내

     5 days ago

    Delete Emoj¡s

  • Doğa

     11 days ago

    He is the greatest i cant belive how underrated he is 😥😥

  • Baecon Chim-Chim

     2 days ago

    He's my concert bias

  • NEKO-CHAN uwu

     2 days ago

    Tell me abt it, hobi is so underrated

  • Golden Sugakookie

     1 years ago

    It's so hard to stay loyal to your bias when you stan BTS

  • Uchiha

     2 days ago

    Jessica Harris, they aren’t anyone’s boys. they are grown ass men. i could give a shit about “many” ARMYs. you are the kind of ARMY i detest. agree to disagree and be gone.

  • Jessica Harris

     2 days ago

    @Uchiha It is ok to be biased. Many ARMYs are. And yes, it is my opinion. And it is ok for me to have that opinion. I'll bet our boys have biases, too.