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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 18, 2019
  • TWICE "FANCY" TEASER *CHOREOGRAPHY* "FANCY YOU" Album Official Purchase(US)Amazon & NOBLE Music Official YouTube: Official Facebook: Official Twitter: Official Instagram: Official Homepage: http://TWICE.jype.comTWICE Official Fan's: #FANCYⓒ 2019 JYP Entertainment. All Rights Reserved
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  • Sam Sweetypie

    Sam Sweetypie

     4 months ago +1505

    Thrice: Twice can only do cute concept
    Sana: Hold my wig

  • Bp is coming to kill this love

    Bp is coming to kill this love

     4 months ago +155

    Twice x Blackpink = friends :)
    once's x blink' = enemies :(
    btw I apologize for these fake "blinks" who writing disrespectful things about Twice.
    Let's stop fanwars♡
    go go go twicepink

  • lil cactus

    lil cactus

     4 months ago +370

    Other people: jeongyeon is too boyish
    Jeongyeon: let me have a talk to the hairstylist
    Damnn the likes thoo thankyouu<3

  • αииιкα 549

    αииιкα 549

     4 months ago +678

    I want to hear Momo rap so bad and her original voice so bad 😭

  • malisamiesudsduds


     4 months ago +436

    Dara is really right. Jyp has always been the best in comes with choreograhpy. ❤

  • Jan Bro

    Jan Bro

     4 months ago +767

    Number of once who get goosebump after watching this ( i feel like this comeback gonna be hot )

  • twice banana

    twice banana

     3 months ago +93

    strm the mv now!!! we need to break likey's record



     4 months ago +31

    Woahhh #3 on trending ❤️😍🇵🇭

  • heauiddd


     4 months ago +41


  • Local Jimincafe

    Local Jimincafe

     4 months ago +37

    Others: oH mY gOD, tHeIR cOmEBAcK is gOinG to Be a FLoP bEcAuSE thEy aLways dO cUt-
    Twice: Hold my candy bong and beer.

  • ChouGucci TzuyuMama

    ChouGucci TzuyuMama

     4 months ago +421

    Chaeyoung said This is the beginning of Twice changing concept, they won't change it drastically, so FANCY will still serving a Bright song but More COOL and MATURE

  • twice banana

    twice banana

     3 months ago +17

    Fancy (mv) already reached 100M ! and we made a new record again...Fancy is now the fastest twice's mv to reached 100M

  • Infinite - Green

    Infinite - Green

     4 months ago +42

    Just a teaser with fire
    #4 on trending here on PH 🇵🇭
    Im excited foe tom eee

  • jeylinnn joy

    jeylinnn joy

     4 months ago +13

    It deserve number 1 trending here in Philippines.
    PS.btw,no.4 trending here.

  • SNSDWG 09Twice

    SNSDWG 09Twice

     4 months ago +9

    I can't , they literally didn't give any words from FANCY~ Its firing me up! I need to listen to my girls!

  • JJANG트와이스


     4 months ago +1296

    TEASER : dark , sexy and damn hot ...
    Actually mv : cute , bright and colourful...
    But whatever... we love Twice
    Edit :- thanks for these likes ....literally I have never got this much likes....

  • tiger chaeng

    tiger chaeng

     4 months ago +13

    Who watched the new teaser?

  • Saga Johansson

    Saga Johansson

     4 months ago +9

    I don't know how twice will look in a more mature style, but I'm all for it! I'm excited!

  • CatloverML Ruby

    CatloverML Ruby

     4 months ago +12

    A blink is here to help twice break records!!

  • Leto801


     4 months ago +32

    Can we reach 7 million before Fancy M/V releases in 5 hours?