BTS (방탄소년단) 'Not Today' Official MV

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 19, 2017
  • BTS (방탄소년단) 'Not Today' Official MVMusic video credits:Music Video by GDWChoreography & performance direction: Sungdeuk SonChoreography by: Keone MadridBigHit Entertainment. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea Connect with BTS:http://www.ibighit.com ‘YOU NEVER WALK ALONE’ on:iTunes:
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  • Monisha Challa

     2 months ago

    My friend -STOP TALKING ABOUT BTSMe - No not today

  • Deborah Lv

     6 hours ago


  • OtakuForever

     6 hours ago

    YessssNo, not today

  • امل ككيوي

     12 days ago

    Before 2020 Dna : 1B Bwl : 700MFake love : 800MIdol : 800MFighting ARMY

  • Ilhame Rehimova

     3 hours ago


  • Im Yoongi's Wife

     6 hours ago

    Lala. Who are you!!? Army? No I don't think so & if yes you are fake so just shut up your mouth cuz we are here for &mg & guess what yeah we're superheros cuz we're *ARMY* .. DDeang 👅🔥

  • JayNop ee

     2 days ago

    Spring day: we r sooo soft~Not today:*SURPRISE WE'RE HOT.*

  • • Punn Dii Dii •

     2 days ago

    400M ?Let's Go ARMY !!! YES OR NO ?YES : LIKENO : COMMENT + WHY ?

  • International Playboy

     11 days ago

    BIGHIT: stop eating and don't cut your hair OKJin: NO NOT TODAY

  • k hs

     6 hours ago

    Beutiful boys!

  • Jungkook's Thighs

     3 days ago

    @Just want peace lol yes I get it but It was not specified so I was just messing around

  • Angel Delight

     4 months ago

    *Me:* I need to revise*Also me:* Not Today

  • Lil tsu

     12 days ago

    wow that is so me

  • Kimberly Bendixen

     5 days ago

    Will I ever get to see BTS?My wallet: *Not Today*Edit: holy cow! I’ve never gotten so many likes before😱 thank you uwu 💜

  • Park Rhilynn

     18 hours ago

    Yassss what I say every day

  • Potato Science

     19 hours ago

    More like'Where I live: Not today'In my case

  • Thư Nguyễn

     3 days ago

    If you believe in *'Bangtan'*Put your hands up

  • itme_oshabeel

     9 hours ago


  • lamsa aslam

     17 hours ago

    can i put my hand down now?

  • Saarrah Vallie

     3 days ago

    Dad: What are you doing on the floor?Me: I'm looking for Jin's lines!!

  • Jime Perilli

     an hour ago


  • Otaku Engineer

     8 hours ago

    He never gets much lines so is never noticable in the mvs so doesn't get fame. Even in live performance even if he is performing they usually doesn't show him, only the maknae line is focused. As I am jin stan I try to see him in videos but rarely get to see

  • Carlos Bajaña

     13 days ago

    ╔══╗╚╗╔╝╔╝(¯`v´¯)╚══`.¸.[BTS] not today is my song favourite

  • Jime Perilli

     an hour ago

    @Sofi UwU YT no mi ciela

  • Sofi UwU YT

     22 hours ago

    @Veronica Corvalan yeyyy