Why Alibaba Gave Up On U.S. Consumers

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 5, 2019
  • Alibaba is China's largest e-commerce platform. In its latest earnings report, Alibaba disclosed having 636 million annual active consumers on its China retail marketplaces. That's almost double the entire population of the United States.

    Alibaba's reach today expands far beyond e-commerce. Its realm now covers cloud computing (Alibaba Cloud), digital media and entertainment, (Youku, Alibaba Pictures, Damai, Alibaba Music, Alisports.com) and logistics services (Cainiao). Alibaba is also part owner of financial services company Ant Financial.

    Despite its enormous Chinese following, Alibaba is still not a well known brand to many Americans.

    Watch the above video to find out why Alibaba hasn't won over U.S. consumers and how it has focused on attracting U.S. businesses.

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    Why Alibaba Gave Up On U.S. Consumers
  • Source: https://youtu.be/9Kx8Jlz4oAY


  • CNBC


     10 months ago +188

    Do you think Alibaba will try winning U.S. consumers again in the future?

  • John John

    John John

     3 days ago

    cnbc = marxist/ignorance. fools.

  • King Beef

    King Beef

     5 days ago

    They don’t need the US market lmao are these reports brain dead?

  • spock


     6 days ago

    Thats because Jack Ma is dumb af when it comes to technology, look up his conversation with Elon

  • W Y

    W Y

     7 days ago

    what " u.s. "consumers? seen the malls lately?

  • Toni Kemppainen

    Toni Kemppainen

     7 days ago

    It spills new spirit out.

  • Toni Kemppainen

    Toni Kemppainen

     7 days ago

    Ottoman Empire reaches your back-doors. Great.

  • David Xu

    David Xu

     7 days ago

    most stuff on Alibaba are not meant for developed countries. cheap but nasty.

  • Wendy Wendy

    Wendy Wendy

     7 days ago


  • johnmonk66


     14 days ago

    1. alibaba came out selling the biggest garbage in the world, it is full of chinese knock offs and scams, we don't need them



     14 days ago

    Alibaba should Just buyout amazon

  • Matt


     14 days ago

    I think there is misunderstood Alibaba always targets businesses. They never try to sell any product to consumers. Their business model is B2B. There is a confusing about Aliexpress, which has a B2C business model. However, thanks to Shopify, Aliexpress work with small business or entrepreneurs who don't have enough budget to buy a high amount of quantity products. So, people sell their products one by one which is bought from Aliexpress, on small business' webpage. It's also called Dropshipping. If you are wondering why your orders delivered over 15 days because the webpage, where you purchase, is ordering your stuff from Aliexpress to send your location.

    Moreover, Amazon and eBay are fulfilled by Alibaba's products. So, Most of the businesses on Amazon and eBay order a high amount of quantity Alibaba's products and send them to Amazon's warehouses. In this way, customers don't waste their time for delivery.

  • Ethan


     14 days ago +1

    This is a weird looking dude.
    I mean I know all Chinese lookalike but this Ma fellow is out there.

  • Merlia Santos

    Merlia Santos

     21 days ago

    5,000 USD a year gets you into Chinas Middle Class.

  • Cherokee Mack

    Cherokee Mack

     28 days ago

    Good! Stay home cheap chinese bs

  • Sigma Geranimo

    Sigma Geranimo

     1 months ago +1

    Their name is so lame.
    even Amazon is about time to be gone.

  • BJ700


     1 months ago

    Amazon is getting out of China apparently.

  • Mark McClure

    Mark McClure

     1 months ago

    Alibaba's US website is HORRID for the US market and is extremely unpoloshed and riddled with errors and broken links.

    Good luck trying to use Alipay... It is just going to error out!

    Alibaba used to be better but has severely degraded on the last few years.

  • Inan Xu

    Inan Xu

     1 months ago

    I tried using alibaba but it never was really useful. Only useful for products you can’t get in the US.

  • Slub Dub

    Slub Dub

     1 months ago

    Because they sell the shittiest of products...