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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 20, 2019
  • Only the US and China currently have more billionaires than India. Some of them are as famous as pop stars and enjoy similar adulation.

    Their social media accounts have millions of followers - in a country where more than half the population lives below the poverty line and has no electricity or fresh water. India’s super-rich have been dubbed the "new maharajas." The sources of their seemingly unlimited wealth are almost as varied as their values and lifestyles. 23-old Evan Luthra uses his father's seed capital to invest in new ideas in the software industry. He loves luxury, meets the young moneyed elite in fashionable destinations around the world, and is active on all the social networks. Abhimanyu Alsisar, nephew of the Maharajah of Jaipur, runs a chain of luxury hotels in the ancient palaces of India and invests in music events. Kalpana Saroj comes from the lowest caste in India and has worked her way up from destitution to become a multimillionaire - but she never forgets her background, and helps impoverished farmers in her homeland with medical care and gifts of money. Vijay Mallya even bought his own Formula 1 racing team, but faces a long prison sentence for fraudulent bankruptcy and tax evasion should he return to India. The documentary is the result of six months of investigative research and offers a deep insight into the everyday and professional lives of India’s super-rich.

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  • DW Documentary

    DW Documentary

     3 months ago +97

    The translation at 4´12 is wrong. The correct translation is: "I struggled to get this position". We are sorry for the mistake. Thanks to attentive users like Sanat Pitale, Aman Namdar and others. Stay tuned & help us getting better

  • jay jo

    jay jo

     4 hours ago

    Evan is a shit head.

  • tejan kamara

    tejan kamara


    Please, do not fall for the hype. They are rich for sure, but not as they pretend to be, trust me. It's all for the camera.

  • Tridib Saikia

    Tridib Saikia

     2 days ago

    The inequality that exists in India is really shocking.. I can only feel this divide is getting wider.

  • Aditi Paithankar

    Aditi Paithankar

     2 days ago

    Evan luthra is looking like a joker with that gold n glitter thing. Money can't buy a taste.

  • luis fuentes

    luis fuentes

     3 days ago +1

    Whenever I hear that they made millions or billions on the textile industry I just think of the thousands of workers earning meager wages to support one rich family.

  • anitha gounden

    anitha gounden

     4 days ago

    If Bill Gates can donate his wealth why can't these rich kids can't uplift their own community If all the rich people in India worked together they could bridge the gap between rich and poor Social consciousness is lacking in these kids

  • Davidson W

    Davidson W

     4 days ago +2

    That lady with the Rags to Riches story is impressive!

  • Harjinder Singh Lotey

    Harjinder Singh Lotey

     4 days ago


  • Harjinder Singh Lotey

    Harjinder Singh Lotey

     4 days ago


  • diwakar methil

    diwakar methil

     5 days ago

    All of them vacuous faces, I wonder why haha

  • World Peace

    World Peace

     5 days ago

    As long as you are in India show off is not a good thing...well son does exactly the opposite!

  • Currency


     7 days ago +1

    Kalpana is brilliant. She is so inspiring.

  • Raj Patel

    Raj Patel

     7 days ago

    Soon he might gets GOLD private part, EnJoY with the Gold

  • Armed Forces

    Armed Forces

     7 days ago

    Gautam Singhania(raymond)kicked his dad out from his own company.

  • juan garcia

    juan garcia

     7 days ago

    empty self centred narcissist pleasure loving people help the poor and the refugees

  • madone 05

    madone 05

     7 days ago

    Indians are the worst.

  • tatiana brown

    tatiana brown

     7 days ago

    Respect to the lady, others-its not so hard to invest in a sure thing and wait for returns and then do it again,if it not your last money.

  • Anirima Ghosh

    Anirima Ghosh

     7 days ago

    Its good that he is able to buy 8000$ bag... but python skin??????

  • tatiana brown

    tatiana brown

     7 days ago

    I am not rich but i also try to buy everything like the investments, i so understand this black and gold dude, if u not rich but u want to have something in your life-this is the way to go)