Making of | "God's Leash"

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  • Published on:  Saturday, February 24, 2018
  • Created by David Armsby.

    This behind the scenes video will look into the the ideas behind the story, themes and art of my recent animated short film, "God's Leash".
    I put a lot of effort into this particular short. I worked on it for 4-5 months. The first month or so was just spent drawing random science fiction nonsense to see what would stick. This short was a bit of a nightmare to work on because of it's length, as you can imagine. I am quite proud of it, though. It encompasses nearly all of my favourite things; dinosaurs, nature, sci fi ...Well, it encompasses 3 of my favourite things! =P

    Hope you all enjoy this video. I particularly enjoyed making this behind the scenes video!

    Eon - Ambient Sci Fi Music
    "Future Cities"

    God's Leash:
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  • tuani2107


     24 minutes ago

    I just want a video about you explaining every dinasour you bought. Would be pleasend to hear, your voice is also very calming. I hope you will be doing more animation short stories. You are so damn good creating beautiful stories.

  • Feranogame



    I'm a bit sad that the dinosaur didn't have more accurate sfx...

  • Nina softball

    Nina softball

     2 days ago

    This reminds me of "Brave New World", by Aldous Huxley

  • Penguin Nub

    Penguin Nub

     2 days ago

    I aspire to be you! (In some ways) you're so talented! I'll always watch your short films because their so beautiful and relatable! I wish you luck and i hope you get to be what you aspire to be!

    (Sorry if this doesn't make sense)

  • Anigma Animations

    Anigma Animations

     3 days ago

    I see you spilt either coffee or tea on your notebook:

  • Madam Marshmallow

    Madam Marshmallow

     3 days ago

    when cyberpunk isnt earthy enough so you accidentally make solarpunk

  • krixLight


     5 days ago

    Is there an episode 2 for parallel? ...still hoping

  • Danielle Crosby

    Danielle Crosby

     7 days ago

    I can't do dinosaur noises but uh.. I do have a pretty spot on predator impression.

  • KeRen Tan

    KeRen Tan

     14 days ago

    so basically "perfect not equal good, perfect equal bleh"
    "nature not equal good, nature equal bleh"

  • CthulhuFhtagn


     28 days ago

    13:05 Chuckles in Jeff Goldblum.

  • Pantheon Gaming

    Pantheon Gaming

     1 months ago

    You inspire me so much

  • Aztiriz Valzarian

    Aztiriz Valzarian

     3 months ago

    no one:
    david: I LOVE DINOSAURUS❤️

  • Maria's Workshop

    Maria's Workshop

     4 months ago +1

    Personally I like the color more than to draw. because what I found online usually focus on the grayscale and I find that boring. I like to work with colors so I take pictures which are basically coloring pages and color them I love to do it and the results I think look good. recently I had an idea I found this furry dragon with a cute smiling face I knew that the fur on her was going to be granite shade of red so I decided to name her Scarlet after your dinosaur who is named after your cat. I also decided to give her yellow wings and underbelly. amber in color beautiful blue eyes and a tan brown body like your raptor with darker accent and details. I also wanted to say that I love what you’re doing your animations are beautiful!!

  • fuck you

    fuck you

     4 months ago

    Why you make is s**it no whyyyyyy you make she kill himmm

  • joe mama

    joe mama

     4 months ago

    nobody: silence
    my brain looking at the thumbnail: (*Spanish voice) zombra onlein

  • John Andrie Punzalan

    John Andrie Punzalan

     5 months ago

    I like dinos to dinos are cool

  • Arctic De arctic fox

    Arctic De arctic fox

     5 months ago

    I am cat queen

  • Laurelai Greces

    Laurelai Greces

     5 months ago

    I really love all of your shorts. They’re so entertaining. Gosh, I want to see a movie you made

  • the artwoolf

    the artwoolf

     5 months ago

    Dude i wana see you voice act dinos in public XD

  • kevin broeck

    kevin broeck

     5 months ago

    Man I love you’re work and after I just started writing my stories it brought me here it brought a lot out: Also I’ve have 3 cats one with the name of scarlet