Why monks had that haircut

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 26, 2018
  • There was a lot of thought behind the style — and controversy.

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    What was the deal with that monk haircut? In this episode of Vox Almanac, Phil Edwards explores the history and controversy behind the style.

    Known as "tonsure," the typical monk hairstyle has many variations throughout religions. The particular hairstyle worn by Christian monks has its own variations and controversies as well. Three different types of tonsure were popular: a coronal tonsure, a Pauline tonsure, and a third Celtic tonsure that came to represent the differences between the Roman Catholic and Celtic Catholic church.

    The winding path of this tonsure is a new way to look at the division within the religion and the unpredictable ways something like hair can represent faith.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/A505-D4IA_0


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  • Michael Cates

    Michael Cates


    Traditions of men make the word of God null and void.

  • Mike Lowry

    Mike Lowry


    To many bizarre adds 👎 channel deleted

  • Charity Ava

    Charity Ava

     3 days ago

    And women have to cover their heads when entering the church, but this obviously had nothing to do with it 🙄

  • namjoon's passport

    namjoon's passport

     3 days ago

    i'm pretty sure for most of us this randomly appeared on our recommendations.

  • Anne Shields

    Anne Shields

     4 days ago

    Don’t think monks have their hair like that now

  • Genno C

    Genno C

     4 days ago

    Art will always lead you to religion.

  • M.K.


     4 days ago +5

    It's funny how Christianity started in the middle east and then all these ridiculous innovations came from the western world to the point where christianity is no longer actually Christianity, it's a mixture of pagan rituals.

  • Paul D

    Paul D

     4 days ago

    There is no documented evidence for a triangular tonsure. The texts claim that the "Celtic tonsure" was shaved from ear to ear with nothing in the front but long at the back. The Chinese had something similar.

  • Tom McDonough

    Tom McDonough

     5 days ago

    What a crock. You never even answer the question as to WHY they did so. The REAL answer is that they worshipped the planet Saturn, while most other religions, like the Catholic cult , worshipped the Sun. The End!

  • Kseno Morf

    Kseno Morf

     6 days ago

    it's not a phase mom

  • Karen From Finasse

    Karen From Finasse

     6 days ago

    Imagine if one of the haircuts were like Justin Bieber

  • zaq voir

    zaq voir

     7 days ago

    sorry . men go bald in certain ways it's that simple leave it to religion to make "dogma" out of it

  • Christopher Drummond

    Christopher Drummond

     7 days ago +1

    I'm confident Jesus is not condemning anyone for their haircut. SMH!!! 🙈 Did they not have the book of Ephesians?

  • Braappy McBraapface

    Braappy McBraapface

     7 days ago

    IRL GTA barbershop glitch.

  • David Jackson

    David Jackson

     7 days ago

    was it a triangle to represent the trinity?

  • Navneeth Ballal

    Navneeth Ballal

     7 days ago

    The Celtic tonsure looks like a toilet seat.

  • Ms Majesty

    Ms Majesty

     7 days ago

    4:54 he's so right, short back and sides, long on top, classic Irish or Enlgish guys hair cut now, Peaky Blinders style.

  • Holly Hocks

    Holly Hocks

     7 days ago

    They are just guessing then ? None the wiser.

  • rushan akmal

    rushan akmal

     7 days ago

    They just Christian Kappa