What Happened To Tesla's Solar Roof Tiles?

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  • Published on:  Monday, September 24, 2018
  • Elon Musk unveiled prototypes of Tesla's Solar Roof tiles In October 2016. They came in four styles that looked just like normal roofing material but were essentially miniaturized versions of traditional solar panels.

    The announcement helped Tesla justify its $2.6 billion acquisition of SolarCity one month later and represented Musk's vision for what the businesses could do together.

    It's been almost two years since then. So where are the tiles?

    "We now have several hundred homes with the Solar Roof on them, and that's going well. It takes a while to just confirm that the Solar Roof is going to last for 30 years and all the details work out," Musk said on Tesla's Q2 earnings call in August.» Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC

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    What Happened To Tesla's Solar Roof Tiles? | CNBC
  • Source: https://youtu.be/ABR4KgXoZPE


  • 10k subs with no video

    10k subs with no video

     4 hours ago

    What if they put it on top of a Tesla, will it have unlimited miles or something?

  • Deniz Puolamäki

    Deniz Puolamäki

     15 hours ago

    100k for a solar roof that is supposed to save in energy costs. Musk seems to have big ideas but it might take years or decades for some of this stuff to advance to a level where an average consumer can buy these. Also 2 weeks with 15 workers for a roof that simple?

  • Richard Sci

    Richard Sci


    China will wait for Elon to spend money doing all the testing. Then China will steal the technology and start mass producing it.

  • Paola Cameron

    Paola Cameron

     2 days ago


  • M C

    M C

     2 days ago +2

    I giggled in unison when the dude mentioned how the roof was never going to pay for itself

  • Last name first First name last

    Last name first First name last

     3 days ago

    This was my ideal!

  • Elfin4


     3 days ago

    0:56 the solar roof going to last for 30years !! A new modern house roof will be expected to last over 50 years and more likely 75years, indeed a goof slate roof will last 100+years. So I guess they need more development to increase their durability and longevity. Great idea though simply way too pricey.

  • WIA CA

    WIA CA

     4 days ago +1


  • Agent Synthetic

    Agent Synthetic

     4 days ago

    Solar has won? Ok. So wind damage from say Hurricanes or dust and rain damage from storms? Who's insured? The homeowner or Tesla since the install could be treated like a leased car?

  • Jim Cummings

    Jim Cummings

     4 days ago

    half the tiles are in shadow and the drooling morons clap anyway -- people are this stupid?

  • Paul Moody

    Paul Moody

     6 days ago

    Maybe you should have designed them. You are obviously smarter. Maybe, they didn't meet the specs required and need rethinking and redesign, like a lot of technology produced on this planet. Full of criticism, but with no solution. Pretty typical of people today.

  • Alexandre Anderson

    Alexandre Anderson

     7 days ago

    His hydro bill before the roof was around 400$ a month? Now he pays about 40$ a month.. That's a 100% reduction in costs alone.. Now lets do some math..
    400$ - 40$ = 360$ is how much money he saves a month..
    360$ * 12 = 4320$ a year saved..
    4320$ * 30 = 129,600$ saved in energy cost over the life span of the roof... A roof that cost him 100,000$...
    129,600$ - 100,000$ = 29,600$ saved over the course of 30 years... Yeah, the roof more than paid for itself bud.. You just won't notice it over a long period.. ;)

  • Dylan Valenti

    Dylan Valenti

     7 days ago

    It cost 100k install the solar tiles. So if his energy bill was 400 a month. now its only 40 dollars. 360×12=4320. 4320×30=129600. After 30 years hes barely making back the money it cost for the system.

  • CarriUSA


     7 days ago

    So what did they do with the money from the money deposits? That sure wouldn’t work well in snow regions. Tesla’s reputation on solar isn’t exactly stellar. They got the government contract for hooking up the puerto rico island Vieques with solar electricity...after being cut off from the mainland from the hurricane. Well, it never worked since day one...it was a complete failure and Tesla abandoned it , wouldn’t try and fix or maintain the problem....solar field left to waste. And the residents are now dependent on oil generators. The hospital was abandoned full of mold. Can we get our money back??

  • Deon Hamilton

    Deon Hamilton

     7 days ago

    The roof will take 23.8 years to pay it self off at today's electric prices do the maths yourself , so for it never to pay it self off is total BS and typical CNBC BS

  • MICKEY Mouse

    MICKEY Mouse

     7 days ago

    That loser doesn't invent anything he buys tech patents, and you idiots worship him.

  • Daniel F

    Daniel F

     7 days ago

    $100k for a roof? And you have a pool? He looks like a liberal Bernie Sanders needs to pay a visit to.

    My house cost $100k and I have a neighborhood pool.

  • Dog House

    Dog House

     7 days ago

    Musk is a scam artist and a professional salesman. All he want's to do is keep eating well and maybe go into space to chase comets. He is what happens when you give large subsidies and tax breaks to a guy who makes overpriced electric cars. BTW Solar City is owned by his relative, and Tesla wasn't his idea.

  • Col. Scott

    Col. Scott

     7 days ago

    Not ready yet but great idea, great inventor... keep on going Elon

  • Gayle Cheung

    Gayle Cheung

     7 days ago

    Elon, Teslas solar panel tiles are test product I guess he should’ve went with that in the first place to let the consumer who are buying ordering these tiles when they get insulated before hand that we’re on a test project right along with us should’ve been approach should’ve known that she should put it out there like that it’s still awesome John hang in there, you’ll get your solar tiles!