What is the Belt and Road initiative? | CNBC Explains

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 21, 2019
  • The Belt and Road initiative is China’s foreign policy initiative, but what do we know about this giant plan so far? CNBC’s Xin En Lee finds out how the plan is developing.-----Subscribe to us on YouTube: http://cnb.cx/2wuoARMSubscribe to CNBC Life on YouTube: http://cnb.cx/2wAkfMvLike our Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/cnbcinternat...Follow us on Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/cnbcinterna...Follow us on Twitter:https://twitter.com/CNBCi
  • Source: https://youtu.be/ACbbz0rOv6A


  • Urbie LateNight Gaming Adventure

     3 months ago

    Am I imagine this? Western broadcaster use Asian to talk negatively about Asian. Make them look less salty. Imagine if it is white chick, saying this.

  • J Doe

     1 months ago

    Urbie - Or talk negatively about CCP. Nice try, wu Mao.BRI is CCP's version of NWO. No thanks. Love to China - screw CCP.

  • Quantum Chang

     1 months ago

    She looks more Fillipino than a Chinese. This is a US-backed shit stirrer.

  • Aaron

     3 months ago

    What is debt trap? you get student loan to go to Harvard or do mortgage to buy house a debt trap ? Debt does not mean its a trap, only when the borrowed money is not used to make more money this is a trap. Chinese money is not used to buy weapons, it is used to build roads which bring more jobs and GDP and taxes. Then this is not a trap, this is the fuel for economic development of silk and road initiated countries.

  • Tuan Pham

     23 days ago

    @肖猛 excuse me, I explained why this is a debt trap. Go up and then, you will see.

  • 肖猛

     24 days ago

    @Tuan Pham Why do you think these countries those borrowed money from China is so stupid?

  • Oldshoes

     2 months ago

    2:06"It's been dubbed the World's Emptiest International Airport."Shows a picture of Mahinda Rajapaksa International Cricket Stadium.

  • Jim Battersbee

     29 days ago

    @John Buffalo I am 97 Remember when the English strove to keep China British?

  • J Doe

     1 months ago

    @ADITYA - John Buffalo is likely a Wu Mao.

  • Di Horse

     3 months ago

    Is buying a F35 a real debt trap?

  • Don ta

     1 months ago

    In Chan drowned ? Dream on china

  • Usa Zionist Sweets

     1 months ago

    @Don ta oh yeah that lame jet, which drowned into the SCS

  • RoRo Zorro

     1 months ago

    Meanwhile in America we are giving billions to corporations , our infrastructure is in shambles ... we are destroying the world with wars .

  • alanOHALAN

     3 months ago

    A little check and balance is fine, but China is helping their economy in the longer run for sure. It is a win-win, you can't lose on building roads. Roads allow development and trade.

  • Ahmad Mahdee

     17 days ago

    Cant china put guns on one of those trains instead of merchandise

  • Xentradi97

     20 days ago

    @John Smith Oh horseshit! the US doesn't want developing countries richer? So many countries got rich off of the including China from absolute poverty to extremely wealthy and developed nation. Japan after WWII, Korea, Taiwan, HK, Singapore, EU, and China, etc... Study your history man. If Nixon didn't visit China and allowed trade and investments, China would not be where it is today. The US allowed China's unfair business practices to prop up its local industry and market. Now it's telling Chin...

  • Devil Reborn

     3 months ago

    If American done construction other then destruction they would have respected more in international community... American lives in a bubble where they think everything is good going on and they are are greatest nation in the world...

  • Chit Disturber

     1 months ago

    only in china can people call an invasion a defensive war. only in china can someone murder 40M chinese and hail him as a hero. only in china can you be detained and disappear simply on the basis of race. and now the chinese are attempting to claim the moral high ground over the US ? fuck you.

  • Abhishek Jackson

     1 months ago

    Your so right they have the economic power & technology engineers Yet nobody likes them reason bombing killing capturing other countries if they would have focused on construction & development they would b respected and honoured by African communities and nation's specially I find Americans government and people foolish no common sense or Brain Russians and Chinese are taking advantage of it good for them

  • mr nobody

     3 months ago

    Tell me Third world people, Would you prefer debt trap or military aggression by fake rebels in your country?


     28 days ago

    @Allen Qian But you have to consider that a country is a collective organism, not an individual.What i am trying to say is a leader's decision in the long term shouldnt represent the future of a country since leaders do stupid mistakes all the time.

  • Usa Zionist Sweets

     1 months ago

    @LapuLapu yeah phillipine dont deserve to be the priority of BRI, they better be the slave of americunts forever

  • Lkgpuanimho 0

     3 months ago

    CNBC, please give Xin En some funding, so she can travel around the world like other presenters. It's not fair to her that other presenters can travel but she has to stay in Singapore

  • Akin Khoo

     1 months ago

    if she done some good research instead of repeating western propaganda, she would deserve more, but she suck at her job. all this talk abotu "debt trap" has she actually read up about who own most of the debt in the world and how much do chinese loan actually account for as a creditor? the answer is 12%. 12 fucking percent is demonized while we ignore the fact that white imperialist country holds for over 70% of the world foreign national debt.

  • The Bad Ass

     3 months ago

    The town of blue-dress girl irritates me. I just don't know why

  • bunnyfreakz

     3 months ago

    China will always become big country whether communist, facism, monarch or capitalist. But China is always a society where authoritarian can co exist with capitalism system since ancient silk road.

  • P Daniel

     1 months ago

    @John Smith US?

  • finback2005

     1 months ago

    Democracy gives you Trump. Does China want Trump? We should ask Chinese in China.