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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 30, 2011
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  • Nutpuff_ The_Wolf

     19 days ago

    The video is telling us that the education system (in Japan, to be more specific, but it can apply to education systems all over the world) is forcing student to be perfect (to be the same). Students have numbers for names because they're just another perfect, ordinary student. The have zippers on their mouths to represent the fact that they cannot speak up due to the adults thinking that it's good if everyone is perfect, and the kids know that they won't have a change of heart no matter what and wil...

  • RL Owens

     9 hours ago

    Oh. Oh wow...

  • something animatour

     13 hours ago

    Why is he laughing so much if he's bleeding to death? Shouldn't he be kinda quiet?

  • Chinese Cookie

     17 days ago

    70% of the comments: 2019? 30%: the moral of this story 90%: random comments10000%:Japanese comments

  • BANDIT chn


    Ano...Wow javanesee😮😮

  • yunemgo official

     3 days ago


  • Lucy Gilroy

     18 days ago

    Their class: dead silent, no talking, not one sound...My class:*warzone*

  • RL Owens

     9 hours ago

    I like dat!🤐

  • Scarenve

     11 hours ago

    Total war zone also I was almost thrown out the window but I crawled into the class over also my friends kept saying Spider-Man in the next class over

  • Cryptø

     2 days ago

    Some people made the explanations already but I noticed the teacher is wearing a mask with a happy face on it. Meaning he too, like the students, are forced to be perfect. To wear a smile even if he's not even happy.

  • Alok Singh

     19 hours ago

    Yes you were right

  • Blue Cherry


    Cryptø that’s not depressing at all

  • Mohamed Salah do cajado

     7 months ago

    2 0 1 9 ?

  • ObamaGaming

     9 hours ago



     9 hours ago

    @ObamaGamingto say friend in Portuguese, one speaks "amigo"

  • Arya Zaccai

     18 days ago

    How much grey do you want?Takuya Okada: YES

  • MR. Clook

     6 days ago

    How much chain do you want?Billie:YES

  • zoo - zoun


    Their class: *like a silence cage*Our class: *LITARLY A FREAKING CHAOS EVENT THE TEACHER*

  • Talha Jubaer

     21 days ago

    Moral of the story:LIFE SHOULD NOT BE PERFECT

  • Guest_FTF

     8 days ago

    DansGamers 01 yeah thx for saying that

  • Guest_FTF

     8 days ago

    No life isn't always perfect is the "actual" moral

  • Art. Hœ

     11 days ago

    This low key creepy af(Srry)

  • Blue Cherry


    I agree

  • Karl Shrestha

     4 days ago

    @Boh Nonso creepy at the end

  • ZB hight

     1 years ago

    So scary when everybody is perfect. That why we are different

  • Libertatum X


    @Lisbeth Salander what facts

  • Lisbeth Salander

     a months ago