How Humans Broke the Game

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 14, 2019
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  • TierZoo

     1 months ago

    Oh btw did y'all know I'm on twitter too? Follow me:

  • Freedoman

     10 days ago

    Humans are not the only animals to sweat so loosing hair was a bug. Horses, all primates, and a few others can sweat.

  • Hehehehehehehehehe

     1 months ago

    When the alien class is unlocked I really hope they get to watch these tutorials on currents builds within the game. I think it would give them all the context required to successfully play the game on this global server.

  • Pink Puff Fluff Thing

     2 months ago

    Everyone gangsta until the naked primates starts getting multi kills from 30+ meters away

  • Resonate II

     17 days ago

    @Flamboyant Opossum TOTALLY NOT GAY !

  • Alexander R. Jaruk

     26 days ago

    Everyone gangster until the cops pull up, then you find out who is for real and whos faking. (The real ones go to jail...)

  • Phillip Porter

     1 months ago

    Bruh, imagine you accidentally choose random when you spawn in and you wake up a fruit fly

  • Alexander R. Jaruk

     15 days ago

    @KYXER there's nothing wrong with some of the other S-tiers, though a lot of the other major clubs are quitting lately. I'd totally playthrough as a Giant Octopus at least once if I could be sure of getting another Human without the heritage discount. Also, playing a Crait would be fun, those things can rack up an OBNOXIOUSLY high kill count if you play right.


     25 days ago

    Don't ever chose random respawn. although it cost no XP, you should always save enough XP so you can respawn as a human or at least an S tier mammal.

  • Covesting Coin - Best Copytrading Exchange Token

     1 months ago

    game is booring now getting xp is not fun, u just sit all day and theres no pvp but im excited for the mars server!

  • Sky Rhino

     4 days ago

    ​@Micheal Levene Stop making excuses for the devs, fanboi! It's undeniable that PvP has deteriorated during recent patches. Remember the second world war patch? Back then the entire game has been focused on PvP and even those players who didn't engage in PvP directly still have been affected by it, because the games economy system revolved around PvP. Compare that to what we've got now. Most servers don't feature full scale wars anymore and simply forcing randos into casual PvPs is frowned upon and u...

  • Ze_eTPlays

     8 days ago

    Find enlightment to change your class.

  • Vasil Svolopoulos

     1 months ago

    "They spec'd into longer legs and less body hair"Well clearly I missed _that_ patch. Dammit.

  • J J


    Failed to download for me too

  • Relied Insanity

     6 days ago

    If you are also an introvert that might be a sign you spec'd into neanderthal

  • Silent Echo

     1 months ago

    I like how they explain human history as a video game.*it's more realistic that way*

  • Drink Bourbon

     9 days ago

    @the dacters theory: An hipothesis backed by proof and experiments. Law: an indisputable natural ocurrence backed by conclusive experiments. Hipothesis: a tought experiment yet to be proved by factual experiments. Beliefs: WeLl i ThINk so, sO mUsT b tRuE

  • Ishir Mehra

     14 days ago

    @Mayur Ghatkar Theory is something that we aren't 100% sure of, but we are 99% sure of. God on the other hand, is, like 0.000000000001% sure of.

  • armoured intellectual

     2 months ago

    humans: *become smart enough to dominate the metaalso humans: ThE vAcCiNe BuFf CaUsEs ThE aUtIsM dEbUfF

  • Nip Dip

     16 hours ago

    hey im autistic and that hurt

  • Renovartio

     14 days ago

    @spindash64 no

  • burnt f1ames

     1 months ago

    I see that valve is supporting this game -little updates - and no ww3

  • Zachary Feldman

     12 days ago

    @SkyTech RTS I was really looking forward to the nuclear winter apocalypse expansion

  • JosephhTV

     16 days ago

    @Dalai Ankhbayar WW3 == new meta

  • TONI K

     1 months ago

    The industrial expansion was what truly broke the game!

  • Leonard Pirate

     7 days ago

    It allowed for even more crafts and more resources!

  • Vasil Svolopoulos

     18 days ago

    @ryan macdonald So far, that's just vaporware.

  • Dustin Z.

     1 months ago

    The game is buggy my intelligence stats can't increase

  • Leonard Pirate

     12 days ago

    I'm sorry but despite some humans being more smarter than others... we can only accurately portray the entire class's intelligence using MAX stat.We're sorry you don't like this class.

  • Atamosk1221

     28 days ago

    did you remember to use the items to decrease procrastination points? i would hope you did otherwise it only gets tougher to grind! also specing into the intelligence stat is crucial to gaining rapid boosts to XP.