The facial prosthetics of World War I

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 8, 2018
  • Why World War I's wounded needed a sculptor.Subscribe to our channel! War I’s horrors not only resulted in death, but severe disfigurement. When plastic surgeons were unable to heal the wounded, a unique solution came in play: sculpting.Facial prostheses in World War I were a new solution to a difficult problem, and sculptor and writer Anna Coleman Ladd led these efforts for the American Red Cross in France. She made more than 150 masks for the wounded in an effort to provide some semblance of normalcy after their severe injuries.These masks were made by making casts of the wounded faces, and then sculpting restored faces from that. Those sculptures were then used as a cast for thin copper-plated attachments, which were then attached to the wounded soldier’s face and painted. Though the process wasn’t restorative, it did provide some comfort to the wounded.That experience shaped Anna Coleman Ladd’s art as well. When she returned to America, she was willing to depict the horrors of war in her War Memorial, as well as the possibility for a new and better day is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out our full video catalog: Vox on Facebook: Twitter:
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  • Quick Fix - Thought Provoking Videos

     7 months ago

    The ones who want war obviously don't know what it really means. The ones who have been in a war know the value of peace.

  • walter kersting

     2 months ago

    War is mankind’s highest endeavor, once you realize what mankind is...

  • Yishkah's dream

     7 months ago

    Impressive plastic surgery for that time period

  • Pronkle Tonkle

     6 months ago

    @Curious Betsy vlogs r/wooooosh

  • Jun Han Tham

     7 months ago

    Never again should such a tragedy like this happen. Oh, the stupidity of war!

  • Daeg

     15 days ago

    Jun Han Tham unfortunately without war their is no peace

  • Agatha jay

     a months ago

    Its happening now

  • SideNote

     7 months ago

    Make more videos on World Wars. I like your videos on history.

  • Fuc I dropped My Spaghetti

     6 months ago

    So is this where those mustache glasses nose things come from?

  • who am I

     15 days ago

    HOLD UP!!

  • Laundry Sauce

     2 months ago


  • Hunter Cihal

     7 months ago

    Btw World War One ended 100 years ago on November 11th. Kindof amazing.

  • 3zk1I_

     7 months ago

    Yeah it ended 11.11 11:11

  • Buske

     7 months ago

    A hundred years ago since the "war to end all wars". Time flies.

  • Vardhanam Daga

     7 months ago

    Vox is one channel which makes me feel if you have the right mindset, then quality content just keeps on churning out!

  • Louie Lam

     7 months ago

    But this video has a big mistake.

  • Jason Janoy Blaha Lover Boy

     7 months ago

    @Kim Kardashian Un Coming from a triggered liberal? LOL

  • Lodfield Kerman

     7 months ago

    Those WWI wounded soldiers are known in France as 'gueules cassées', or 'broken faces', and giving them back their faces was one significant aspect of post war reconstruction. Their sheer number was one of the reasons everyone thought never again would there be a war in Europe.

  • Kurt Yarish

     7 months ago

    The imagery and atmosphere of this video is absolutely horrifying... and I love it. Solidly sets the tone.

  • Firestartergold 1

     20 days ago

    I know, I love the horror aesthetic, but the way they show this and use real images, it legit made me scared and on edge.

  • wrong think

     7 months ago

    Well said.

  • Enthused Norseman

     7 months ago

    This is a bit of an aside, but I couldn't help thinking that this is the exact kind of story you make an Oscar-bait drama movie out of. It'd be a damn good one, too.

  • Lucas Torelli

     6 months ago

    Enthused Norseman la chambre des officiers, a french movie.

  • Ichigo Red

     7 months ago

    There was a character on the show Empire Boardwalk who wore a mask because of being disfigured by the war. Very good show and a very good character.