When papaya is ripe, it is fruit. When it is raw, you can cook. Have you ever eaten cold papaya?

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 17, 2018
  • Subscribe to my YouTube channel ▶https://bit.ly/2MH1T5NMy family eat vegetarian today. What about you?October in western Yunnan tightly grasp the summer tail with hot sunlight, cloudless blue sky, and hot weather, we must eat some refreshing appetizer dishes. The papaya is not ripe, whether shredded or sliced, are the best choice.#Dianxixiaoge, an authentic Yunnan girl.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/BY0rA1uRJuY


  • Màu Xanh

     9 months ago

    Hello!I come from Vietnam. In my country, a lot of people like and follow your videos.You are very beautiful, cooking is very delicious.

  • Ngọc Trâm

     21 days ago

    Haha điểm danh Việt nam

  • RatTaxi

     2 days ago

    I would love a knife and cutting board like those.

  • Snow Angel

     2 hours ago

    Hello Dianxi Xiaoge. Here, I am helping you to rewrite your comment. I really like your videos and enjoy the scenic views and simply beautiful mountain-village home. And of course the way you cook your food. It's truly home food when I stayed with my grandparents. My late grandma didn't like any kind of meat. So, its was mostly vegetables and fish. :-)"My family savoured vegetarian food today. How about you? The month of October in Western Yunnan is coming close to the end of Summer although ...

  • Lizonthung Shitiri


    Your cutting skill is absolutely awesome. U do everything impeccably in fact you have mastered the art of cooking to perfection. I simply love watching your videos, its really so soothing. With love and regards from Nagaland, India.

  • Jenn Giesen

     7 hours ago

    Anyone else amazed on how much passion and work she puts into whatever she makes to feed her family ???? Just in awe.

  • Marquiz Milton

     4 months ago

    You have some crazy knife skills..

  • Viola Yulejishvili

     12 days ago

    Buewxniyboswz ajw jlrboe korbif o

  • Anet Citalan

     1 months ago

    I need you

  • Levi 501

     5 months ago

    I'm amazed at how many things grow on their property. She literally walks out of her front door and SHAZAM... all the ingredients she needs grows on her land.

  • Ted Ted

     15 days ago

    @Reine Mercado Even though the land is state owned, every househould will be given certain rice pad, mountain, bamboo grove, fishing pond etc. The villagers nominally do not own the land, but they own everything on the land. It is like you rent the land from the village council witthout paying rent. You can rent it out to others too for some money.

  • Reine Mercado

     2 months ago

    She doesn't own anything but their house and the land it is built on. You can't own any land in China. Everything you see in her videos are communally owned by the villagers.

  • Ollie Tinio

     2 months ago

    Hi😀I really love watching you..your cooking skills is so amazing..keep on posting your video..

  • 김하영

     17 days ago

    한글 자막 방승현님은 채널과 계약을 하신건가요...? 제목과 설명에도 한국어가 써있어서 신기합니다 덕분에 잘 보고있어요!

  • shame

     2 hours ago

    자원해서 쓰신다고 하셨습니다. 계약 그런게 아니라 자기가 원해서 쓰시는거 같아요


     9 months ago

    Có bao nhiêu người Việt Nam theo dõi xem Video Clip của Cô Tiên Nữ Cooking’s này ?

  • Thảo Nhỏ

     4 months ago

    Mình nhé ^^

  • Trần Ngọ

     5 months ago

    Tui nè