China-U.S. Trade Pact Will Happen and Be Good for Exporters, Kevin Rudd Says

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 3, 2019
  • Apr.03 -- Former Canadian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, president of the Asia Society Policy Institute, discusses the outlook for U.S.-China trade negotiations. He speaks with Bloomberg's David Westin on "Bloomberg Markets: Balance of Power."
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  • LH Chow

    LH Chow

     1 months ago +1

    "Canadian" Prime Minister? I didn't know Canada belong to Australia.

  • Olive Weir

    Olive Weir

     5 months ago

    Australians were too dumb to support KRudd. Our pollies these days are non
    e too bright?

  • Crazymadman


     5 months ago

    Use to take his views with a grant of salt now he is just another expert on China who is consistently wrong in his predictions of what happens next. Put him in the same basket as Gordon Chang.

  • Seo Kok Ing

    Seo Kok Ing

     7 months ago

    China has said come When you are sincere. Now it is no more a trade neg. but a geostrategic maneuvering especially after the US moved to ban Huawei. This is open sesame and talks wouldn’t be completed so quickly.

  • Flyguy232323 Wei

    Flyguy232323 Wei

     7 months ago

    Wasting time for this dialogue,
    Why ban Huawei?!
    is clear American is a coward and loser for fair economy market trade.

  • Tony Wu

    Tony Wu

     8 months ago

    Miss out the opium war unequal treaties precedence perspective from the last century. No less of nuking China to submission or surrender. No Chinese leader would agree on any unequal treaties. This would be political suicide in CCP. The terms of treaty proposed by US are not equivocal.

  • Chi Li Denman

    Chi Li Denman

     8 months ago +1

    Contrary to what Kevin said , the Chinese have been taking this trade talk very seriously from the start

  • Marko Podganjek

    Marko Podganjek

     8 months ago

    US can't achieve her anything. China now produce almost anything bigger , cheaper, faster. Until US will put its parts in order to produce something competitive there wont be trade balance. And without it, it is only question of time and China tactic, when US will run out if money and when China will let US to fell that.

  • wjdonner


     9 months ago

    A trade pact can not happen if tariffs stay in place and they will. An agreement of sorts will only be a way of saving face for Trump and Xi. Eventually the US arrogance will lead to the economic demise of the USA as US exports hinges on the will of foreign importers and consumers to buy US brands (YouTube: Maurice Sklar Economic Collapse of America). The more countries come under sanctions the more markets will be lost (YouTube: Stockman: Trump an ‘Economic Lunatic, He’s Playing with Fire at the Top of an Aging Expansion’).

  • Walid


     9 months ago

    Kevin Rudd is not making sense at all. If the trading account goes to a deficit in China then they will need to open up their financial system!!! Really? For what? Debt? China can print its own money.

  • NUGT L

    NUGT L

     9 months ago

    People like to hear this Chinese spy

  • greg grabski

    greg grabski

     9 months ago

    Man u must wake up Chine no need USA . CHINA coming on European market . CHINE STOP BUYING USA plane make big contract z AIRBUS who need fuck USA

  • Ken Rose

    Ken Rose

     9 months ago

    If Canada would like to throw a serious fuck into Uncle SCAM, Canada should send Huawei's CFO back to the US while US/Chinese trade negotiations are in progress. I'd love to see Uncle Scam wear his tight ass for a hat.

  • Animated Anatomy

    Animated Anatomy

     9 months ago +7

    this guy talks about credit cards... Man, China doesn't even use these anymore. I can not believe he proposed we can offer credit cards to their market. They use their phones to pay stuff

  • Al Loomis

    Al Loomis

     9 months ago

    kevin seems confident war will not interrupt trade talks. if trump was in charge, reasonable. i worry bolton is pulling donny's leash.

  • Frank Jones

    Frank Jones

     9 months ago +1

    kevin rudd should crawl back under his rock. he has no idea what the hell he's talking about.

  • Gringo Sinting

    Gringo Sinting

     9 months ago +1

    all US vassals, I mean allies, prepare to get screwed hard. When China make a deal with the US to purchase goods, China will certainly have to shift their purchase from the vassals I mean US allies, damn it, to the master I mean the US. But you reap what you sow. Oh and EU, prepare to fight a trade war with your master I mean ally, the US, once the US cut a deal with China.

  • Ramon Ching

    Ramon Ching

     9 months ago

    @7:50 What will it be between the US and Australia?? America first. We will sell our goods first before you sell yours to China. Sorry vassals, the master first.

  • Hung


     9 months ago +2

    Its obvious that Chinese government takes care of the interest of 1.3billion Chinese. This is fair, isn't it?

  • Jedi solo

    Jedi solo

     9 months ago +1

    Stand firm to a dictatorship because there is something you will never learn this in Chinese textbook because China don't want you to know the truth and I am here to unveil you the truth. We should never forget the crime committed by China which are still never addressed by a tribunal. First China must apologize for the massacre of students at Tiananmen square. Do you know Communism kills more people than Nazism. They don't have anything to envy to Nazism. Please remind us also how many Chinese families the PRC killed ? The PRC under Mao killed by starvation and forced labor and disease 70 MILLION Chinese, murdered by their fellow Chinese for "Socialism" today China is ruled by those Mao tortured but did not kill. its called DEMOCIDE murder in peacetime by your OWN Government.