Fish added with sour papayas, they become the sour-spicy fish unique to Yunnan.

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 1, 2018
  • Subscribe to my YouTube channel ▶ uncle-in-law owns a large lotus-root field. He always throws some fish fries into the field when planting lotus roots. Such fish need no extra feeding. With tender meat and golden scalps, the fish can be sold at a high price during the Spring Festival. If a family member wants to have fish, he can just put a fishing cage in the lotus-root field along with some fishing baits. After one day, the cage will be filled with several fish. The most common way of cooking such fish is to boil fish with sour papayas into sour-spicy fish, which goes with rice and can never be bored with. Apart from the sour-spicy fish, I also tried cooking Chrysanthemum Fish, which they never ate before.#Dianxixiaoge, an authentic Yunnan girl.
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