Meet The Mole People Living Beneath the Las Vegas Strip

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 17, 2019
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    I went underground to learn about the community of homeless people who live in sewer tunnels beneath the Las Vegas strip.

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  • Jay


     14 minutes ago

    Isn’t this how “Us” opened?

  • Leah Palmer

    Leah Palmer

     an hour ago

    I want to hug and kiss the beautiful Hawaiian couple.💋💋💋💞💞💞ooooo

  • Mr. Buttons

    Mr. Buttons

     an hour ago

    Why wouldn’t you just do the 10 in prison instead of living in a proverbial one

  • Jazz 7 Zedd

    Jazz 7 Zedd

     an hour ago

    It Is Real Here In Las Vegas.
    I Never Will Understand Why People Live And Die To Visit Here In Las Vegas.~

  • Kitty Carpenter

    Kitty Carpenter

     2 hours ago


  • Crissy Brock

    Crissy Brock

     3 hours ago

    I'm searching for Tommy Wayne Ellis.. please contact me plz tell him to come home to Texas he is being missed.. yes he is on Crystal meth

  • American Dog

    American Dog

     4 hours ago

    What happens when someone dies down there

  • Rod Steel

    Rod Steel

     5 hours ago

    Might as well get use to being in a prelude of hell, sense that's where they're probably going.

  • Veego von DOOM- Reviews!

    Veego von DOOM- Reviews!

     6 hours ago

    Man that Hawaiian chick has some big nice titties.

  • Sarah Bussanmas

    Sarah Bussanmas

     7 hours ago

    This made me a lot sadder than I expected.
    I have to say I am lucky that during my time of biggest need I had my son. People are more giving and helpful to a woman and child than they are to others.
    Dont at all think I'm lucky to have been homeless but I'm lucky it didn't last long enough to out us somewhere like there.
    TBH...had I been homeless even a few more days, I had it set for someone I knew to come get my mistakes were on me. I was a stay at home mom. My husband made some serious mistakes and got arrested. Turns out all the money i had was fake so they took it. Went from being a happy family stay at home mom taking care of her men folk to having a husband in jail and being evicted days later in a mi winter doing what ever I could to stay warm. I had no friends or family there, all the help i got was from strangers until someone drove across the country to come get us.

    You can end up on the streets so easily...getting off of them though...that's a hell of a battle.

  • roach


     11 hours ago

    Man that's really cool that yall go down there and tell those people's stories, and with resources available for anyone who wants it. This didn't feel judgemental or belittling or condemning either. Just one of many American sub-cultures on the fringe.

  • A Izzy

    A Izzy

     12 hours ago

    Why don’t they ban casinos?

  • D W

    D W

     12 hours ago

    Check out the Tiny Home Vet project, finally a good solution to homelessness.

  • Gregory Turner

    Gregory Turner

     13 hours ago

    Can't even get a date and I have a job a truck and home this MF is living in a whole water drainage ditch and got a whole wife......... I knew when that pimp philosopher told me conversation rules the nation, I should have listened 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Debbie Molitor

    Debbie Molitor

     13 hours ago

    Can't we do better?

  • Charles Kalina

    Charles Kalina

     14 hours ago

    That was awesome what you guys did for them giving them that money

  • K HFK

    K HFK

     15 hours ago

    I’m so thankful I don’t take my home for granted. There’s people out there who have it so much worse. Whenever you feel like your life sucks just look around at surrounds and just think about how blessed you truly are 🙏🏻❤️

  • Gabe Miller

    Gabe Miller

     16 hours ago

    Shine your lights on the ceiling it throws more light..

  • denverpromd


     16 hours ago

    Fucken junkies

  • Lydia Cartagena

    Lydia Cartagena

     16 hours ago

    He's a vet an look how they have them living