Gorillaz - Tranz (Official Video)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 13, 2018
  • Tranz is taken from the brand new album THE NOW NOW. Listen/buy here: http://gorill.az/thenownow

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    Director: Jamie Hewlett
    Co-director: Nicos Livesey
    Executive Producer: Bart Yates
    Producer: Georgina Fillmore
    Gorillaz are managed by Eleven Management.

    Production Company: Blinkink
    Production Company: Eddy
    Executive Producers Eddy: Emilie Walmsley, Lars Wagner
    Production Coordinator: Maria Kolandawel
    Production Manager Eddy: Stella Ramsden
    Line Producer: Fabien Cellier
    Production Assistants: Lina Houari, Agathe Derosier

    Director of Photography: Max Halstead
    1st Camera Assistant: Toby Goodyear
    Editor: Paul Moth

    Animation by: Brunch
    Lead Animator: Romain Barriaux
    Storyboard and Layout: Julien Perron
    Animation: Romain Barriaux, Julien Perron, Leo Schweitzer, Martin Richard, Paul Nivet, Magali Garnier, Léonard Bismuth, Simon Duong van Huyen, Mathilde Loubes, Victor Chagniot (work experience)
    Animation Clean-up: Mathilde Loubes, Antoine Carré
    Colour and Shadow animation: Meton Joffily d'Alençar, Rohit Kelkar, Antoine Carré, Constance Bertoux
    Compositing: Vincent Ewald
    Compositing assistant: Ekin Koca
    3D Animators: Erik Ferguson, Oliver Latta, Marco Mori
    Analog Synth: Michael Knight
    Animation Clips: Lee Hardcastle, Macomoroni, Extraweg, Fergemanden
    Animatic: Simone Ghilardotti
    Sound FX: Offset Audio
  • Source: https://youtu.be/E2Q52cVx7Bo


  • Memes tube

     (Sep 13, 2018)

    2d:turning into God himselfNoodle:wants to dieRussel:having the time of his lifeAce:high out of his mind

  • xX_MeMEgAnG_xX //mega memester

     (1 day ago)

    Haha so true

  • vault boy 76

     (Sep 13, 2018)

    Murdoc drowned in shit btw lmao

  • Youthy

     (Jan 25, 2019)

    So what effects do you wa-2-D: Yes

  • Maleja Urueña

     (7 hours ago)

    Why cant i give you more than one like

  • Cybowolf

     (20 hours ago)

    *appears* ok kids this is one of the many comments that I’m going to you’ll notice all the people in their natural habitat the internet other known as the comment section biome of the gorillaz Kid: can you go to the pumped up kicks comment sectionMe: heh, you’ll die if you go there. Wait we’re Timmy Kid 2: instructor Timmy’s dead, he has 20 gunshot wounds Me: shit, he didn’t sign the liability form

  • TomPlayzGamez

     (Jan 20, 2019)

    White eyes: HappyBlack eyes: 2dRed eyes: depressionFlashlight eyes: ASCENDED

  • Solidbridge36 SFM

     (4 hours ago)

    Real shit

  • Bry-ccentric

     (13 hours ago)

    *Flashlight eyes: 4d

  • Sanaa Rapp

     (Jan 15, 2019)

    I can't help but smile whenever Russel is on screen. I mean look at him, he's having a grand old time.

  • subscribe to pewdiepie

     (19 hours ago)

    ikr that shit is wholesome

  • Sanaa Rapp

     (2 days ago)

    Once again I've unexpectedly gotten a lot of attention with this comment. I don't know why people like my stupid comments in the first place but c'est la vie ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Slav Star

     (Jan 24, 2019)

    When the bottle says “take two” and you take three

  • seph

     (1 day ago)

    The bottle Said take one and gorillaz took 4

  • Destiel Shipper

     (Feb 7, 2019)

    That’s a dangerous game your playing, flinstone gummy vitamins are deadly

  • I am panda

     (Sep 13, 2018)

    First time I’ve seen Russell actually happy in a music video

  • Paul Jackson

     (3 days ago)

    He had breakfast

  • Cooper Noggy

     (Sep 13, 2018)

    I agree with MavericDoesEverything. He's probably happy that Murdocs in jail or knows he's dead so he can't bully 2D anymore. If you remember Russel and 2D are good friends. Ever wonder why Murdocs nose looks like that? Its because Russel broke his nose in five places after he saw Murdoc making out with 2D' ex girlfriend in the old Kong studios bathroom stalls.

  • Send Help

     (Feb 1, 2019)

    Everyone here is clearly on something. Except Ace. He's high on life.

  • colton hastings

     (1 hour ago)

    Ace is on cocaine thats why je is happy, Noodle smoke weed, 2d i on LSD, and russel is on adderal

  • Kaptain K

     (2 days ago)

    +Vomit Worthy Medic Main Well, get your ass beat by young super heroes enough times, you'll get your shit together.


     (Feb 1, 2019)

    Animator: so gorillaz, what effects do you want on this video?Gorillaz: Drug effect.Animator: What? Is this your final-Gorillaz: *Y E S.*

  • Flute Løøps

     (1 day ago)

    +Samborg Productions Are you serious?😮 They've done stuff for Tame Impala too, and I think some other band too.

  • Samborg Productions

     (4 days ago)

    fun fact: the people who made don'thugmei'mscared did the claymation for this vid

  • The Average boi 97

     (Feb 11, 2019)

    T H O S E W E R E N T B R O W N I E S I A T E

  • Rive Xツ

     (1 day ago)

    Funny thing is a long time ago my sister made weed brownies and she left them on the stove knowing a little kid was there (me) and i was just like ohh brownies I took it and ate and i was like..

  • Huska The Wolf

     (3 days ago)

    they were filled with*P O T*

  • Black Sword

     (Feb 3, 2019)


  • Luminol

     (14 hours ago)

    *D O Y O U D A N C E L I K E T H I S . . . F O R E V E R ?*

  • Smokey Bear

     (18 hours ago)

    D O Y O U T U R N I N T O Y O U R E F F I G Y