Peanut and melon seeds, dried meat, dried fruit, snowflake cake - snacks for Spring Festival

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 31, 2019
  • Chinese Spring Festival again, hahahahahaha.Sugar gourd, fried peanut cany, all kinds of delicious candy...When I was a child, I always looked forward to these.So I added a special video of the snacks for Chinese Spring festival.10 minutes~~
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  • Giulia

     1 months ago

    This video is so simple, yet so beautiful. So calming. Also, dogs.

  • BookMedia Ecafe

     19 hours ago

    Giulia yes ~ noticed that her dogs appeared in her video somewhere in the middle, but not her lamb.

  • Martina Dinale

     4 days ago

    Chaos Reigns - Wellll ... Has NOBODY noticed she never pets them ? Ever . Never in any way whatsoever even acknowledges their existence ? Seriously people?

  • Misty Sisco

     10 days ago

    She has puppies and lambs and other farm animals following her. She is one with nature. She's a Disney princess.

  • Thi Huynh

     20 hours ago

    Misty Sisco ...she is the real deal...

  • Lekshmy N

     18 days ago

    Who is this angel like person living in heaven? Is it some drama or real..its too good to be true

  • Rokhsana H


    @肖倹軍 go to f#ck Yourself, no one told that we didnt like the video, we arent naive enough believe that she is doing it alone...The State of , The Governament of Chine has the total power and they know and control everyone there! If You prefer to believe in cute pink elephants go ahead...go to f#ck Yourself in some where...

  • 肖倹軍


    @Odee Is there any problem to show a better image of China.There are already so many bad images of China.Why do you guys love bad china so much!? You never doubt you have a mental problem ? I inform you that you are badly sick! I just known it.

  • Peachy Bangtan

     5 days ago

    The part where she literally dropped everything to cover her grandmas ears and then she gets scared

  • S.F.F/Cooking Channel


    Hello i form in Bangladesh welcome to my cooking channel,

  • KAIK Chao

     11 days ago

    This video shows the most traditional way of Chinese making popcorns, oh dear lord, all my childhood memories. Ziqi, love you.

  • Kathaleen Wood

     2 months ago

    Deep down, I know this is how life is actually supposed to be.

  • warpnin3

     2 days ago

    Not a fan of the simple country life, Isabella Hidalgo? It is present in every culture and country. Born and bred city dwellers want it, and people from the country who have lived in the city for years, long to go back. We live in cities, but they're not our natural habitat

  • Isabella Hidalgo

     3 days ago

    Deep down? Really, u don’t need to question urself, IT IS HOW ITS SUPPOSED TO BE! but this is just one culture, ur life, even without modernization would probably be different considering ur from the west,

  • among the93

     6 days ago

    She is the real life disney princess...her life so full of life ...i love the part where she ran towards her grandma to close her ears

  • Astrini Ydty

     4 days ago

    When she close grandma’s ears with hand 5:57, so funny 😹

  • 中国制造 Made in China

     3 days ago

    they must have two cameras, right?

  • Ahmed Yahya

     5 days ago

    我是埃及人,我有14年。 但我相信中國人是全世界最好的人。我說的是阿拉伯語,但是我把它翻譯成中文,讓中國人理解。 我熱愛中國和中國,我一直期待中國這個偉大國家的所有新聞,這是一個非常偉大的國家。

  • 冯蛤不死堡

     18 hours ago

    Ahmed Yahya Oh bro,there is no preparatory school in China,we only have high school😂

  • 唐煌

     4 days ago

    I followed her for many years and so happy everybody over here likes her

  • lady arcelia.gravila

     2 days ago