Star Awards 2019 - Xiang Yun receives the Evergreen Award

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 14, 2019
  • Star Awards 2019 - Xiang Yun receives the Evergreen Award

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  • fAshSon


     4 months ago

    What a bunch of cry baby nay-sayers. Winning an award isn’t everything and it isn’t a reason to diss Xiang Yun, having said that Xiang Yun has proven time and time again her acting is seasoned and concise with subtlety. A skill which took a lifetime of experience to master, if you have nothing nice to say, keep it to yourself.

  • Winnie Yeo

    Winnie Yeo

     5 months ago

    Her acting skill is not as good as Richard and Aileen Tan, but better than Chen Jianbin and Chew Chor Meng.

    It will really be a joke if Chen Jianbin gets the award. He is a comedian, not an actor, who exaggerates so much in his actions. He is never green before. How can he be evergreen?

  • LittleKlas AS

    LittleKlas AS

     5 months ago

    her acting good meh?

  • Jason jason

    Jason jason

     5 months ago +9

    劉謙益 kena robbed sia
    向雲 not very good sia

  • 似是故人来


     5 months ago +2


  • May Chua

    May Chua

     5 months ago +4

    I didnt like her speech....i left my comments in Chow Chu Ming's video when he got the award...
    It seemed this ah jie didnt act cause she ❤❤❤acting like she did mentioned in a programme.
    She acted with the aim of getting more awards....
    Compared to other stars of her age, she received countless awards....
    How about those who never had the chance of going up stage to get one?????
    They still continue to act 👏👏👏👏👏.
    When she said she had a "rough year" and dont know to stay or leave, i was 🤔🙄....
    One drama after another...almost good roles though not main ones given to her.
    Since young she was never given evil bitchy roles like other actresses of her time.
    Yes, there was a drama whereby she was a selfish lady but with a good ❤ not really that evil at all.
    Mediacorp for many many years protected her image by not showing ugly faces of her in previews, trailers or advertisemt......
    Unlike other actresses like lim mei jiao, aileen tan, zoe tay, even fann wong...ugly 😡faces of them pop up now and then on our TV screen (previews of their dramas)
    If our ah jie looks 👎in any commercial advertisemt, 100% that ad will be banned from showing on TV
    Only those with her pretty images wilp continued to appear on our TV....
    She is the only actress receiving such privilege...

  • marwin taukechan

    marwin taukechan

     5 months ago +4


  • happygirl Ess

    happygirl Ess

     5 months ago +10

    Stupid la she get . Always same face . They should give Richard he poor thing

  • peterlhs18


     5 months ago +1

    She really aged so much omg !