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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 16, 2018
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  • iiiMUNiiiQUE

     (Dec 18, 2018)

    Homeless and six days before Christmas I find out I’m going to be on the street. I didn’t think I’ll be sleeping tonight, but this migraine and stress in general I wish I could sleep endlessly. N just wake up when life finally got better, and stays that way. Nobody thinks they’ll be 22 and struggling and alone. Please pray for me if you’re also up listening and just can’t sleep for whatever reason & I’ll pray for u too

  • arynne hempstock

     (1 day ago)

    you are in my prayers

  • Barty Crouch JR.

     (3 days ago)

    I don't believe the god but if you want it then I'm praying for you. If there is a god, I wish he never let you fall.

  • Vega BGM

     (Sep 16, 2018)

    *Anyone who's reading this comment:You're perfect,.no matter what other people say .Have a great life everybody,goodnight*

  • Chelsea Romine

     (Mar 5, 2019)

    +Al Green oh by the way she is a girl

  • Chelsea Romine

     (Mar 5, 2019)

    +Al Green if u have nothing nice to don't say anything at all but why go after people like shit

  • Mary Clark

     (Sep 16, 2018)

    Living with cancer, sleep can be elusive at night. The music you bring to us soothes my wandering mind even if I don’t fall asleep. I feel peaceful and drift with the sounds in my head. Thank you, Friend, I have never met.

  • Rhonda Cousins

     (Mar 14, 2019)

    Dear friend, my sister had the same problem. Take some cannabis oil. It will help you sleep and increase your appetite xx

  • Jinger Grant

     (Feb 14, 2019)

    Hi, Mary, I sure know what you mean. I am a cancer patient, too, and I worry the most at night when it's quiet and I have time to think. I am a 3 year survivor, I have 2 cases of breast cancer (2 different cell types at the same time) and I'm doing better than I thought I would so far. I just keep showing up for my MD appointments, and doing what they tell me, and I'm getting more used to it all, and starting to live my life again. I know things will never go back the way they were before they told me...

  • brian selleck

     (Jan 5, 2019)

    Anyone who is heading thru hard times right now:Remember Proverbs 3:5-6Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him and He will make your path straight

  • Daniel Gilmore

     (Feb 19, 2019)

    God bless u. I needed to see this .love u!

  • 2nd Coming

     (Feb 3, 2019)

    I thank God for your loyalty

  • lil ken

     (Nov 21, 2018)

    I'm scared of the dark this music makes me feel like I'm at heavens gates.. walking along the cloud...just carefree ..i need it every night thank you🤞🏾💕

  • Lennie Watson

     (Feb 5, 2019)

    I put this on yesterday while rocking my 10 month old grandson. Needless to say, we BOTH fell asleep and woke up 3 hours later. That was the longest nap my little guy has had. He woke up refreshed and happy. This will be his naptime music from now on. THANK YOU!!!😍😍

  • Lennie Watson

     (Feb 23, 2019)

    +Steve Banks that was his late morning/early afternoon nap. He was tired again after dinnertime and was asleep by 7:30p. He's such a sweety when he's rested for when his parents get home. ❤😍

  • Steve Banks

     (Feb 21, 2019)

    Haha him mum will be saying you let him sleep for that long now he won't sleep till 10.00 pm.But regardless nice story.

  • Manaia Paul

     (Nov 8, 2018)

    Stop looking at the comments and SLEEP!!!

  • Mariah Kelli

     (Mar 12, 2019)


  • Overexcited_ Chiken

     (Mar 11, 2019)

    So soothing I forgot to sleep

  • Clouis 4life

     (3 days ago)

    Cause of my anxiety disorder I take meds that drug me to kind feel tired but I’m not but sence I stared using this I don’t wake up in the middle of the night

  • T3X

     (Sep 18, 2018)

    I listened to this the other night and passed out. I woke up to see I got a full 8 and a half hours of sleep! That's double my normal night! Thanks for the rest💙💙💙

  • Rufino Sanchez

     (Oct 14, 2018)

    Lo asemos a ora

  • Lily Kenny

     (4 days ago)

    Yawning is contagious. Trying to pass you this yawn so you fall asleep.YAAAAAWWWWN

  • Barbara Mangano

     (1 day ago)

    Meant for you and your contagious yawn- thanks

  • Barbara Mangano

     (1 day ago)

    Happened, thanks