Star Awards 2019 - Star Search is Back!

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 14, 2019
  • Star Awards 2019 - Star Search is Back!

    Star Search is Back (star awards) -
    Star Search 2019 (zoe tay styles) -
    Star Search (what is your useless talent) -

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  • Vengeance Moo

    Vengeance Moo

     14 days ago

    indeed legend

  • 优灵


     2 months ago


  • Overthinking


     4 months ago +1

    They are legend and no one is gonna replace them
    Cuz they are legit good
    And I Doubt the new ppl

  • TechvitalCompitar


     4 months ago

    Most likely that mediacorp actors are leaving that they had to bring back star search to recruit new actors

  • Vernon Tay

    Vernon Tay

     4 months ago +11

    The drama these days will never be able to produce another Zoe Tay, Chris Lee, Ivy Lee or Jacelyn Tay

  • Koh Kathy

    Koh Kathy

     4 months ago

    Carrie wong attidute suckks!!!!!!! Fake gal!

  • Beth Ang

    Beth Ang

     5 months ago +10


  • 谢端永


     5 months ago +1


  • Miho's KPOP Channel

    Miho's KPOP Channel

     5 months ago +1

    Only until now than I realised that all the 阿哥,阿姐 is also from star search. Wow! Star search really 造就alot of actors and actress

  • jaburuians


     5 months ago +3

    Goosebumps - 才华横溢出新秀冠军 - 李锦梅,周初明,郑惠玉 - all legends #supportlocal

  • gelli agus

    gelli agus

     5 months ago

    jerry yan please come back also in the Philippines.we miss you.God bless

  • KeHoong Luah

    KeHoong Luah

     5 months ago +2

    Legit goosebumps

  • Ong Scarlette 92

    Ong Scarlette 92

     5 months ago

    When will have star search again after this star search end?? Can it be last time 4year 1 time of star search competition. So other people no need wait so long

  • Ong Scarlette 92

    Ong Scarlette 92

     5 months ago

    I love acting... But my teeth spoiled very badly Haix.. Other than star search got any can joining acting career?? I will fix my teeth within this 2 month or this 2 year!!

  • ONG, Pei Jade

    ONG, Pei Jade

     5 months ago +4

    brought back so mch childhood memories. WOoooooo bulu pun naik meremang -- tengok balik imbasan of all those Star Searches! :) Nice one!

  • Edmund Yong

    Edmund Yong

     5 months ago +5

    李南星 leh?

  • Nalin Phuong

    Nalin Phuong

     5 months ago

    What’s the title song the you palyed?

  • 爱 棒棒堂嘉敏李

    爱 棒棒堂嘉敏李

     5 months ago +3

    男的帥 女的美 你們都很棒❤❤

  • hidayat osman

    hidayat osman

     5 months ago +1

    I love zoe tay, chan han wei, lina ng etc..salam cinta dari johor to all mediacorp artists

  • Yazlbyh Yazlbyh

    Yazlbyh Yazlbyh

     5 months ago +4

    0:51 big star of asia!甄嬛传/芈月传的孙俪! 玉观音/一米阳光/红粉世家/血色浪漫/风雨西关/幸福像花儿一样/天和局/屋顶上的绿宝石/霍元甲/新上海滩/一世情缘/小姨多鹤/甜蜜蜜/画皮/小姨多鹤/金山/机器侠/越光宝盒/天仙奇缘/大话天仙/关云长/画壁/甄嬛传/辣妈正传/芈月传/恶棍天使/那年花开月正圆/影等等等等。。。。两届中国电视金鹰奖观众喜爱的女演员奖 ,两届中国金鹰电视艺术节最具人气女演员奖 ,第41届国际艾美奖最佳女主角奖,两届上海电视节白玉兰奖最佳女主角奖 ,第31届中国电视剧飞天奖优秀女演员奖 ,第28届大众电影百花奖最佳新人奖,all begin from 2001 新传媒8---才华横溢出新秀--亚军-智慧大奖