Top 10 Mega Project in Bangladesh 2018-2022 That will Change Future Bangladesh

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 20, 2018
  • This Educational video is about Top 10 Mega Project in Bangladesh 2018-2022 That will Change Future Bangladesh and boom its economy .Bangladesh Governments vision 2030 means to gain developing country to advance economy .

    Here we have cover mainly mega structure of bangladesh .Others big project such as special economic zone ,Digital bangladesh , Dhaka Elevated Expressway , Four lane expansion of major highways all over the Bangladesh including Dhaka sylhet 4 lane Highway is not included inside the video .

    We have consider Padma Bridge as number one mega structure in bangladesh .Besically it is a multipurpose road-rail bridge across the Padma River under construction in Bangladesh. It will connect Louhajong, Munshiganj to Shariatpur and Madaripur, linking the south-west of the country, to northern and eastern regions. Padma Bridge is the most challenging construction project in the history of Bangladesh.

    secondly Dhaka Metro Rail System is another mega budget project is bangladesh .It will reduce traffic in Dhaka city .
    Currently the metro rail system consists of one line referred to as the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) Line-6, with other metro rail lines being added in the future. This wikipedia article focuses mainly on Dhaka MRT Line-6.

    The Dhaka Metro Rail Line-6 consists of 16 elevated stations each of 180m long and 20.1 km of electricity powered light rail tracks.

    Below there is a full list of undergoing Mega Project its work or planned mega structure of Bangladesh 2018 to 2022 :

    09- Sonadia Deep Sea Port
    08- Maitree Super Thermal Power Project
    07- Matarbari Power Plant
    06- Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant
    05- Payra Sea Port
    04- Dhaka Metro Rail
    03- Dohazari-Ramu-Cox's Bazar rail link
    02- Padma Rail Connection
    01-Padma Bridge

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