Why I Don't Travel With Women (Free Agent Lifestyle)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 17, 2019
  • Thanks for viewing my YouTube Channel. Today, we are talking about traveling.

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  • Maverick


     21 days ago +325

    You forgot:
    You walk to fast, wait up, carry my bag, carry my 2nd bag, carry my 3rd bag, let’s stop and grab a pretzel, let me buy People Mag, can we switch seats, why is that girl looking at you, what book are you reading, why are you not paying attention to me, can you park valet- I’m wearing heals, who keeps texting you, why do you always smile at girls, why did you want to stop and talk to him- I’m more important than a complete stranger, I don’t want to go fishing, I don’t want to rent a jet ski, why do you have to workout or go running on vacation, it’s brutal.

  • Karl K

    Karl K


    Just got back from my first solo travel trip to Portugal after a 5.5 year relationship....not gonna lie, was a little apprehensive if I’d have a good time. Was an amazing experience! Gotta see the museums I wanted to see, stay in the level of hotels/hostels I thought we’re worthwhile, eat where I wanted to eat, met some amazing people and overall had a blast! For men who think they need a companion to be accepted by society, don’t over think things! Just go out and experience life!

  • mso008


     3 days ago +1

    Great advice and wisdom as always, but I'd rather see you talking facing the camera.

  • TyRCelto


     6 days ago

    In my mid 20's i offered to take my student girlfriend on an all expenses paid, overseas holiday, she was ecstatic. I warned her that it was a primarily a scuba diving holiday for ME. Id been diving for a few years but always wanted to dive in the Mediterranean. I told her that i would be out diving most days and that she might get bored lying around the hotel pool, although there would be some sight seeing and the normal touristy stuff, like myself she'd never been overseas so was more than happy.

    After a couple of days a few of us would get together after the days dive, have a few beers, a meal, my girlfriend would also be there. About four days into the two week 'holiday' she started complaining about the hotel, the heat, the food, the amount of time i was spending diving, when we went out at night she felt she was out of the loop in the conversations.

    Long story short, one evening i went back to our room and noticed that she wasnt there, i went to where id hidden 'our' spending money and noticed that 80% of what i had left was gone, over $1500 with five days before we depart for home. I went out onto the street looking for her, a while later i see her staggering drunk out of a bar close by, the bar man stood there looking at me with a big smirky grin on his face, she wasnt aware of my presence, i pulled up a chair outside a restaurant connected to the hotel and watched her staggering around the street.
    Anyway, it turned out she fucked the barman in the back of the pub, when i inquired about the missing money she said she couldnt remember what happened to it, no more scuba diving, no more restaurant meals, no more beers and with no cooking facilities all i could do was boil water for two minute noodles, i think it was the first time i ever ate cans of cold baked beans. i also had to face the shame of borrowing money from one of the guys i was diving with to get us through until we left.
    When i finally got home i discovered that while we were overseas she called her ex boyfriend at home to tell him she was 'raped', her ex boyfriends parents were neighbours of my parents who told them that my girlfriend had been raped on holiday, my parents were afraid what id do to the so called 'rapist', worried that id end up in jail. I never saw her again.

  • Paul d

    Paul d

     7 days ago

    My son just left the nest and thus video made my night better. I decided to focus on being a dad after divorce 14 years ago. I dated plenty in the first 5 years after divorce. But female nature showed itself often. I choose my kids, not her kids. I have recovered financially and see retirement ahead. Being alone in my house for the first time in 4 years is hard. But not nearly as hard as the 10 years I came home alone after working a job I hated just to pay child support. Men wake up. The pain I went thru and many other men go thru can be avoided. There are no rewards for chivalry men. I promise.

  • Josh Beck

    Josh Beck

     14 days ago

    Yeah coach you go and take that nap she's going to sneak down to chad and tyrone's and maye be old Dexter's room too and she comes back to you with some of that white stuff left on her lips.

  • Tomasz Cz

    Tomasz Cz

     14 days ago

    I work in hotel industry. 90% of guests are couples. If you travel by yourself you can still meet women and have sex with them (getting the best of them without problems like you have in relationship). I always travel alone or with male friends or brother.

  • David Macdonald

    David Macdonald

     14 days ago

    All I can say is brilliant buddy. You are preachin to the choir here. Although mine pays half it still is irritating

  • Joel Seim

    Joel Seim

     14 days ago

    I agree with everything you said but when going on some vacation pages it’s always advertised as double occupancy? So if you want a room etc you generally pay on the average 20% more to be by yourself. But I will say you with save on food, drinks, gambling etc. how do you see this issue?

  • MrBucketlist


     14 days ago +1

    I used to travel with my ex all the time. Crying, complaining, laziness, being scared to try new stuff, wanting to post every moment on social media, not waking up on time, taking forever to get ready, wanting to go home. I dont know why I called them vacations....it was purely torture.

  • new salt

    new salt

     14 days ago

    I went on two trips with girls and they both sucked. Got almost no sex. Maybe three times split between the combined 15 days of both trips. I should have just rented when I got there. It was so disappointing. I felt trapt and I wanted to run but I was stuck. Going back to work felt like a vacation after the "vacation".

  • Al D.

    Al D.

     14 days ago


  • Ryukikon


     14 days ago

    If you love a woman, then you probably do not mind coming back to her, even if you have been together.
    If you listed and then just liked her, she will get boring and you will want to get a new woman.
    Actual love is rare and even rarer is female in love.
    A woman can like and admire you that is common but we almost never loves you. Understand that and if you travel and are with her and she is not working hard to not be a bother and add to your life, she does not love you and would like to leave you but can't do better.
    If you do love her, if you did not is another woman that does this worth the risk. If the answer is no, then leave. Why because love does not have to be mutual. She is most likely using you and one sided love almost always are failed relationships.
    Walk away and protect yourself. Does matter your age, new advances happen all the time. You can be right around the corner from some new advancement that improves your life.
    Walk away.

  • Ryukikon


     14 days ago

    To be honest I don't really have these problems because I will leave or check the woman and leave her. I can love this woman till I die but I will not deal with immorality ( which they do alot).
    You disqualify women, not give them discounts.
    Still with all that it is better to ignore women as they add no value to your life.
    Also the problems are too high with the law as they can lie on you. The legal problems are the greatest problem and she can do this at anytime.
    Don't do it walk away, it does not make sense. If you move in, have a place with your friends that you all pay for together( don't tell her).
    Give yourt options. Weak men naturally do not give themselves options. Hence why they get into bad marriages,etc.
    Do not if you can reject women, just act stupid and low value and let them leave. Act like you are having emotional problems, do inappropriate things at key moments and not be available. 90+% she will leave you and not look back until it's way too late.

  • Rick Boiardi World Builder

    Rick Boiardi World Builder

     21 days ago

    There’s always groups of girls on trips as well and you can hook up with one of them for the night, or one of the locals.

  • memeco50


     21 days ago

    The old ball and chain.

  • MrJsv650


     21 days ago +1

    When you get some place awesome they want to go shopping, yeah

  • PrimeTime


     21 days ago

    I went to a conference in Vegas (from ATL) and my girl at the time wanted to go. I said no for these reasons. Was a business trip and I wasn't about to be worrying about what she wanted to eat, going to pisces she's been googling all day in the hotel. Called herself getting mad but she knew I was right.

  • Tom Fury

    Tom Fury

     21 days ago

    Travailing with a woman is the same as traveling with a child!

  • Dave's bar

    Dave's bar

     21 days ago +1

    Every single holiday I took with my ex I ended up at some point looking for a flight home....every. single. one! Now I go away maybe every 6 weeks or so with absolutely not one second of shit or drama to spoil it. Awesome.