How do tariffs work? | CNBC Explains

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 17, 2018
  • The U.S. imports more than $500 billion worth of goods from China, of which some goods are subject to a customs duty. CNBC's Uptin Saiidi explains how increased tariffs can impact an economy.


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  • louiethegreater1


     1 months ago

    Did you know that the economic principle of protection was the principle the founders chose to produce the US Middle Class who was once the envy of the world. Protection (tariffs) and nationalism go hand in hand. Globalism and lassie faire free trade go hand in hand.

  • Bandhu Bilash

    Bandhu Bilash

     1 months ago

    Can you make video on how the US election works

  • Tuyen Huynh

    Tuyen Huynh

     2 months ago

    You forgot to mention the depreciation of the yuan against USD cancel out some or all of the tariffs on import while at the same time all these companies complaining about tariffs and then increase their good's price due to tariffs. Very good reporting (sarcasm).

  • A Anon

    A Anon

     2 months ago

    Why are there tariffs on exports

  • Engineer Civil

    Engineer Civil

     2 months ago

    these explains videos are good and short

  • Raj Magar

    Raj Magar

     2 months ago

    When US increase tariff, the price of a product increase too. LOL dumb americans telling their government to increase more tariff in-fact they are the ones paying extra bills.

  • Sunderland Bertram

    Sunderland Bertram

     2 months ago

    Trump the best President 😘😘😘

  • Mike Rock

    Mike Rock

     2 months ago

    Trump needs to put a tariff on every country of 30% or higherand make all the companies that went overseas start producing their stuff in the United States or they cannot sell it well just start making made in America again

  • Willy F

    Willy F

     3 months ago

    Heavily biased video. Extremely short sighted. This video is the equivalent of allowing someone to steal from you "because they need it".

  • TheRealNoodles


     3 months ago +1

    My friend says tariffs will bring back jobs to USA. I told him, you know the consumer price would increase right? He said "yeah that's the point, so consumers won't buy their products, so Trump can bring back jobs and teach these companies a lesson". Then I told him, Yes then the companies would lose profit and probably go bankrupt, lose even more jobs if they can't afford to move back in the USA and also compete with international market. Then he stayed silent

  • Rifat Kamal Rafi

    Rifat Kamal Rafi

     3 months ago

    I am with Trump

  • Jakkrapat Khiawdee

    Jakkrapat Khiawdee

     3 months ago

    We charge imported taxes because we want to protect the industry in our country. We can produce by ourselves domestically if we have enough resources. But we have to import some resources from other coutries and we can reduce taxes on that imported resources.
    The government also raise money through tariffs and that money is used for running the government.

  • linn linn

    linn linn

     3 months ago

    Linn Linn

  • tsafa


     4 months ago

    This will help explain international trade...

  • Stephan Cosentino

    Stephan Cosentino

     4 months ago

    How can the cost of toilet paper and coke go up cuz of tarrifs on imports from China? I'd say 90% of our toilet paper is made in the USA or Canada and Coke is definitely produced in the US. Your either to lazy to research ac:-tual products affected by import duties or this whole story has other lies!

  • Eustace Theodoro

    Eustace Theodoro

     4 months ago

    Retailers have increased the prices across the board on all consumer goods using the tariffs as an excuse. The increased Trump tariff ($27 billion) is being paid to the corporate farm lobby ($28 billion) to make up for China's tariff on US farm goods, which means the tariff is a net loss for the US. Hopefully the corpoarate farms will pollute and poison us less. The $1 trillion annual debt the Congress feeds to its lobbyists is unaffected and looms as a burden and future bill to be paid by all taxpayers.

  • Edwin Cabrera

    Edwin Cabrera

     4 months ago

    Us company before tariff : cost 15$ shoe sell for 150$ barely making a profit.
    Us company after tariiff: cost 18$ shoe has to sell at 250$ now to barely survive

  • Juan Aragon

    Juan Aragon

     4 months ago

    The factual part of tariffs was great in this video! However it would have been great to refrain from interjecting personal point of view instead and stick to non-bias reporting.

  • MrManuel1329


     4 months ago

    Idk why trump is messing with the world economy in this extreme manner he can't even figure out his own balance sheets..... When it comes to money Trump is a complete idiot his millions not billions are from his dad and every business venture he did on his own led to bankruptcy. He was only successful in a few building projects but not at the scale he makes it to be... Unlike other realestate firms he also just slaps his name on buildings he does not own but then he turns around and says he owns them..

    He should place tariffs on select items which hurt us the most! Not place tariffs on 300 billion worth of goods!

  • Timothy L. ove

    Timothy L. ove

     4 months ago +1

    If China raises their prices they will price themselves out of the market. That's a good thing for the young entrepreneurs of the USA