How Estonia became one of the world’s most advanced digital societies | CNBC Reports

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 6, 2019
  • Ninety-nine percent of public services are available online in the Baltic country of Estonia. So how did this nation of 1.3 million people become one of the most advanced digital societies in the world? CNBC’s Elizabeth Schulze reports from Tallinn.


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  • X3DN


     3 months ago

    Looking for roommate here in Estonia

  • Milton Waddams

    Milton Waddams

     3 months ago

    Meanwhile for certain types of income, Estonia taxes people more than say Sweden, Netherlands or the UK. Taxation is why the digital nomad plan won't take off. Digital nomads aren't about renting a desk and having internet in 2019, it's mostly financial incentives that lure them in.

  • robox91


     3 months ago

    Can I register my car there with an E residence?

  • zcc12162018


     4 months ago


  • jorge pearl

    jorge pearl

     4 months ago

    the most beautiful girl were not estonians but...elizabeth

  • David Freeman

    David Freeman

     4 months ago +2

    Soo...... What's the requirement of getting an e-residency? I'm seriously thinking about applying for one.

  • David Ramirez

    David Ramirez

     4 months ago +6

    Meanwhile Americans pay with cash, carry wallets and keys. 🤮🤮🤮

  • Tom Malfoy

    Tom Malfoy

     4 months ago

    My eye is on Estonia now!
    After Singapore

  • Cecil Henry

    Cecil Henry

     4 months ago

    Endless propaganda for immigration. White Genocide aimed at Estonia now.
    Every.  Single.  Time.™

  • Ulukai Azgard

    Ulukai Azgard

     4 months ago

    This is not a good thing for crying out loud. People love their gadgets until they go wrong or are hacked. As a lawyer, I can say that some things should NOT be done online. Oh, and E-residency is a perfect portal for fraud which the EU will soon shut down.

  • Engr. Rushd

    Engr. Rushd

     4 months ago +1

    E-Residence is EU Citizens only ?
    If available for other Country Citizens, How to Apply? ?

  • Божья Коровка

    Божья Коровка

     4 months ago

    A blueprint for other countries how to go poor...

  • HardWarUK


     4 months ago

    ....And at what cost to climate change???

  • MrParis22


     4 months ago

    If the net goes down they are doomed

  • Baldoxxx4000


     4 months ago

    But isnt Estonia a meme country?

  • Liwei Sun

    Liwei Sun

     4 months ago

    I knew this country because of Puppey

  • Abdulqadir Al-Emad

    Abdulqadir Al-Emad

     4 months ago


  • Roger Syversen

    Roger Syversen

     4 months ago

    I am scared shitless

  • Md Zahangir

    Md Zahangir

     4 months ago +1

    hi name is Md.Zahangir alom.iam tha citizen of bangladeshi. now Iam warking in malaysia.Iam planning to go estonia for warking i likework to estonia can I get schengen visa.hope to hear you peplu soon.I waiting for reply
    thank you

  • Liyani Bernier

    Liyani Bernier

     4 months ago

    Wow can I move Estonia and is it safe?
    From what I’m looking at it looks beautiful and happy place to live less people perfect ♥️👏🏻