How Estonia became one of the world’s most advanced digital societies | CNBC Reports

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 6, 2019
  • Ninety-nine percent of public services are available online in the Baltic country of Estonia. So how did this nation of 1.3 million people become one of the most advanced digital societies in the world? CNBC’s Elizabeth Schulze reports from Tallinn.-----Subscribe to us on YouTube: to CNBC Life on YouTube: our Facebook page: us on Instagram: us on Twitter:
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  • Maryo_Nicle7

     4 months ago

    "7 Years old Estonian children could learn how to code". But I, when I was 7 years old is just knew about what is internet and how to download something even often breaking my own computer.What a outstanding country.

  • Michael Xz

     26 days ago

    my programs before about 9 years old really sucked, they were BASIC crap

  • Softi Asjad

     3 months ago

    Kids can operate with any electronic gadget much better than their parents. So, their parents are "causing a panic" and the children are grounded... outside the house. Go... be a teenager!Nope, they sneak in the house again and connect to the internet.Just kidding :P

  • Yuling Li

     4 months ago

    The cute journalist is my favorite part of CNBC

  • Denzel

     a months ago

    Yuling nooooo

  • Baldoxxx4000

     1 months ago

    shes ok

  • purple communist donkey

     4 months ago

    How to overthrow the estonian government: break the electricity system

  • Bob Quigley

     2 months ago

    Ahhhhhh yes the old what are you gonna do when x does y to z. Insert favorite hobby horse fear factors into formula and you have a recipe for doing absolutely nothing while longing for the good old days

  • Gritty Pudding

     3 months ago

    I know you're joking but estonia has actually had a boner for energy security over the last 20 years. The state owned energy company is currently producing ~150% of the national consumption and is on track to increase it to 250% by 2030 via massive wind farms in construction now on the islands.

  • G H

     4 months ago

    This is a heaven for anyone who studies competed programming

  • Patrick M

     4 months ago

    They also rank very high on the economic freedom index

  • SumBo

     4 months ago

    I am from Estonia and I am happy because i speak the secret language that only 1.3 million do!

  • A K

     1 months ago

    @KrisK sa tee ennem selgeks, milliste vaadetega sots on.Mille üle siin vaidlus peaks olema kui ma ütlesin, et ajasin Narvas asju eesti keeles nagu igal pool mujal Eestis.

  • KrisK

     1 months ago

    @Dunque Mapping Sotsiga pole mõtet vaielda. Neil reaalsustaju puudub täielikult.

  • Evariste Galois

     4 months ago

    _In Soviet Russia, you-..._ oh wait, incorrect muse of meme

  • Softi Asjad

     3 months ago

    @Lourenço Vieira Did not "belong"... Soviets occupied Estonia.

  • S platinium

     3 months ago

    You need a life

  • Torsten Därr

     4 months ago

    It will take Germany 20 to 30 years to reach the point Estonia is at now.

  • ewgeg keugrwug

     1 months ago

    I find that the political system is just a slogan. The key is leadership.

  • Highway Pro

     4 months ago

    Plus political will is lacking, at least I don't see any of the steps that need to be taken being made

  • Jetman Travels

     4 months ago

    I went here in March of 2018 with my friend (were two black guys from America NYC🗽) and it was the COLDEST! Country I've ever been too and the coldest I've been in my life lol. None the less we had a GREAT! Time...and everything about the video is 100% true. If it wasn't for the cold weather i'd move there cause they are looking for skilled immigrants workers to move in 🙌🏾

  • jve89

     28 days ago

    It's around 78° right now. Really pleasant environment so feel free to be welcomed again :)

  • ___

     1 months ago

    then certainly you have never been to Canada. Europe's coldest places are very mild compared to Canada...

  • David Freeman

     1 months ago

    Soo...... What's the requirement of getting an e-residency? I'm seriously thinking about applying for one.