TWICE "YES or YES" Dance Video

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 14, 2018
  • TWICE(트와이스) "YES or YES" Dance VideoiTunes & Apple Music Play Music Official YouTube: Official Facebook: Official Twitter: Official Instagram: Official Homepage: http://TWICE.jype.comTWICE Official Fan's:ⓒ 2018 JYP Entertainment. All Rights Reserved
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  • bbh’s puta

    bbh’s puta

     9 months ago +1041

    twice’s choreos get harder and harder yet their live singing get more and more stable. a group everyone should stan and appreciate? YES or YES

  • Cocafizz


     14 days ago +158

    Dahyun: "There is no letter called N & O"
    Me: Hmm okay
    Nayeon= aye
    Jeongyeon= Jegyye
    Momo= Mm
    Sana= Saa
    Jihyo= Jihy
    Mina= Mia
    Dahyun= Dahyu
    Chaeyoung= Chaeyug
    Tzuyu= Tzuyu
    Tzuyu: Yay! Lucky me 😂
    Once please spread the message ❤❤
    I LOVE YOU TWICE! ❤❤❤❤

  • Alexis Kang

    Alexis Kang

     1 months ago +606

    Haters: wow jihyos so fat how did she even get into twice?
    Jihyo: hold my croptop

  • Emilie Jada

    Emilie Jada

     4 months ago +260

    Tzuyu + Nayeon + Mina =

  • Gargi Joshi

    Gargi Joshi

     3 months ago +1420

    who is here after FANCY ???

  • Diana Zharkynbek kyzy

    Diana Zharkynbek kyzy

     9 months ago +1762

    omg Jihyo and Momo's bodies are goals

  • River Logs

    River Logs

     21 days ago +129

    Favorite song: Fancy
    Favorite choreography: Yes or Yes
    Favorite member: Jeongyeon
    Favorite line: “FaNcY! OoOoOo”
    Twice is perfect! ❤️

  • Shiny Shownu

    Shiny Shownu

     6 months ago +196

    Jihyo looks so beautiful with short hair ♥ and for me she is the best dancer next to Momo

  • Fancy TWICE

    Fancy TWICE

     5 months ago +1741

    Nayeon‘s struggles with her hair tie😂
    1:48 Takes off it
    1:56 Throws it
    2:10 Not sure but maybe she is doing the move extra powerful to make it disappear without anyone noticing but it doesn’t work😂

  • Gian Nunag

    Gian Nunag

     3 months ago +171

    To all new once:
    Nayeon: the girl who is wearing grey shirt or any color and black pants or jogging pants and white shoes
    Jeongyeon: the girl with all maroon in her body with extra white and black shoes
    Momo: the with blue pants and black croptop
    Sana: the girl with whote sweater abd black pants and white shoes
    Jihyo: the girl with black croptop and black pants with white shoes
    Mina: the girl who have print in her black shirt
    Dahyun: the girl with all black and white shoes
    Chaeyoung: the girl with all dark green and black shoes
    Tzuyu: the girl with white sweater and red jogging pants

  • Jungkook xoxo

    Jungkook xoxo

     7 days ago +30

    Where can I get Nayeon’s outfit omg her body is goals and so is Jihyo’s I’m so jealous of Kang Daniel

  • Naema Alkhafaili

    Naema Alkhafaili

     12 hours ago

    look at how smol chaeyoung is compared to the others , especially Tzuyu 😂
    poor baby tiger!!

  • Jenlisa


     5 months ago +709

    Momo is really feeling the music
    Edit: wow so much likes thanks guys I never got this much before

  • I Like Bread

    I Like Bread

     4 months ago +436

    Why is no one talking about how sana and tzuyu is so freaking pretty

  • The Dovakhiin

    The Dovakhiin

     9 months ago +410

    Finally Jihyo Is getting the attention she deserves 😊

  • AJ Melgar

    AJ Melgar

     4 months ago +18


  • stacy cao

    stacy cao

     5 months ago +550

    They are all body goals but Nayeon's catches me. Never thought that she got those curves 😍😍😍 Jihyo and Momo are no surprise lol they are healthily perfect since the start.

  • Celyn Climaco

    Celyn Climaco

     1 months ago +83

    Jeongyeon sang the opening line of yes or yes at the concert at singapore :(

  • Ellin from Crayon Pop

    Ellin from Crayon Pop

     4 months ago +214


  • Pseirre _

    Pseirre _

     2 months ago +94

    what is it with JYP groups and the crazy synchronization. Like damn 👌