HE'S INTING IN MY GAMES?! New Poki & Yassuo Duo!

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 8, 2017
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  • Kidd Kito

     1 years ago

    9:55 Jax finally achieved his dreams of becoming a helicopter

  • GlaDaHator

     4 months ago

    HAHA. LMAO 😁😂

  • Taczuś

     4 months ago


  • Luis Gabriel

     1 years ago

    I clicked because moe is in the thumbnail #NoHoMoe


     20 days ago

    Hahahaha haha I get it nice pun man

  • Joaquin Vanni

     1 years ago


  • Lorena

     1 years ago

    she liked my comment yesterday. Now it's time to see if she's gonna like it today. Find out in the next episode of " How to win Poki's heart 😂"edit: she didnt like it guys.... guess I'm not enough for her. I guess Scarra is next 😉😉

  • Jev Hargrove

     8 months ago

    @poefrakker What a crazy ass bish she is lol 😳 geez

  • JohnXVX

     11 months ago

    Elendey Gaming a

  • BluSticks

     1 years ago

    Eyyy poki moe back on our screen! Much love <3

  • Ng Jeremy

     1 years ago

    nice hair style, love u poki❤️

  • iBabyJoker Gaming

     1 years ago

    2 days in a row, im in luck! loved the video poki :D keep it up!👍

  • ngan nguyen

     1 years ago

    iBabyJoker Gaming rfrfffrrfrffxs sdeedrfdfrfdr

  • baller gang

     1 years ago

    iBabyJoker Gaming .

  • IonKatt

     1 years ago

    LOL M0/3

  • Miss Fortune

     1 years ago

    I love to think that poki and moa are in relationship❤

  • leo nicolas

     6 months ago

    hmm the only comment on the front page poki didnt put a heart😂u know what i mean

  • VN Gaming

     1 years ago

    i think they would be an awesome couple <3

  • Danny J Vasquez

     1 years ago

    ♡ Poki & yassuo ♡

  • iTrickster

     1 years ago

    cheng yang ew bej

  • Syn Sin

     1 years ago

    Abed Al Zayani shut yo dumbass up boi

  • One and Ten

     1 years ago

    wait what did Fed say or meme at 0:58 ???

  • Gazú Poblete

     1 years ago

    One and Ten ward