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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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  • Kazuyoshi


     4 months ago +3049

    my man's is making food and quoting shrek at the same time.

  • Jamus Higdamus

    Jamus Higdamus

     5 months ago +4808

    "99% of my friends are my friends because I've made them food"

  • LillyCookies DDAENG

    LillyCookies DDAENG

     4 months ago +774

    “I just kinda drifted off and thought about Sherk.”
    If that isn’t me

  • Brooks Blair

    Brooks Blair

     4 months ago +957

    Should’ve been titled “story of my life with recipe videos in the background”

  • Parker


     5 months ago +483

    Man this guy is really all about layers. Shreks an actual inspiration for him.

  • Shooketh to Death

    Shooketh to Death

     2 months ago +320

    Friend: exists
    Alvin: Bro let me make a big food for you!

  • Noelle Errafaq

    Noelle Errafaq

     2 months ago +201

    Alvin: We need to eat every day, because if we don't,
    Me: yeah because we need food to survive
    Alvin: If I don't, I'll get bored
    Me: well played dude. well played

  • Killuh -

    Killuh -

     5 months ago +143

    Who else gets hungry af watching this but still watches anyway

  • Ethan George

    Ethan George

     4 months ago +44

    Alvin is the best tasty producer like if u agree

  • Lobster In my wee wee

    Lobster In my wee wee

     3 days ago +4

    4:25 his stand must be the ability to warp space... IMPOSSIBLE

  • shikamaru nara

    shikamaru nara

     2 months ago +73

    Shrek inspired chef to make a viral snack video on YouTube. Shrek boosts creativity. ..write that down

  • Marilena Winter

    Marilena Winter

     1 months ago +29

    "as I was about to fall asleep I think my brain just drifted off and I was thinking about Shrek" ~Alvin 2019

  • fanboi


     5 months ago +2647


  • Cece Villa

    Cece Villa

     5 months ago +82

    I made that five layer brownie cheese cake for my dads birthday he was so happy 😂😂😂

  • epeeyyy yey

    epeeyyy yey

     5 months ago +93

    I'm loving tasty's recent videos. It's not just about the food and how to make it, it has also become about the tasty producers, how they come up with new recipes and who they want to make it for. 💜

  • Phantomwolf115 AJ & More

    Phantomwolf115 AJ & More

     4 days ago +4

    Without Shrek, we wouldn't have onion ring motzerella sticks

  • Alex Bowser

    Alex Bowser

     3 days ago +3

    that inspires me to be a chef or at least make foods for my friends

  • ishan pandya

    ishan pandya

     6 months ago +2379

    3:01 Shrek helps us think of good ideas thanks shrek

  • I Loveγou

    I Loveγou

     3 months ago +30

    I’ve always loved tasty videos soooo much but it’s somehow more entertaining with the backstory and dialogue in the background

  • Connor


     2 days ago +1

    My favorite is still ''Life of Boris'' Homemade bread mayonnaise.