They SAID this would be EASY... - Gaming at 8K 60fps

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 21, 2019
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    Can gaming at 8K really be easy in 2019? Sharp thinks so, and they sent over a demo unit to show us just how easy it is. But they didn't account for one thing... the Linus factor.

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  • havier


     an hour ago

    4.30 anyone questions how linus gets out of there?

  • FaZe_Catfish_


     7 hours ago

    I wanna know who tf said 8k 60fps would be easy

  • Darian O'Dirling

    Darian O'Dirling

     9 hours ago

    My eyes hurt just seeing how close Linus is to the tv

  • PuP DoG

    PuP DoG

     11 hours ago

    16:11 “so that was it for anal”

  • syteanric


     14 hours ago

    Our eyes cant see much beyond 10k... this 'COULD' be the last evolution of TV we ever see.

  • devan johnson

    devan johnson

     14 hours ago

    he seriously didnt know adapters fuck things up? and you have a tech channel and tech company? someone needs to rethink their career choice

  • devan johnson

    devan johnson

     14 hours ago

    also what commerical customer will need 8k...

  • devan johnson

    devan johnson

     14 hours ago

    linus needs to do a video on what went through his mind when he made the decison......of socks and sandles everyday.....

  • Lard British

    Lard British

     16 hours ago

    I really hate when people point to something on the screen, and they physically poke the screen.

    Don't deny it. You can see the screen move.

  • Jared Mitchell

    Jared Mitchell

     17 hours ago

    Imagine if they dropped it...xD

  • Erik Kirsten

    Erik Kirsten

     18 hours ago

    What if you just used 4k with supersampling

  • Vincus_HD


     20 hours ago +1

    now we need 16k

  • Vincus_HD


     20 hours ago +1

    I click on this and then its like BLBLBLBLBLBLBBLA

  • Vincus_HD


     20 hours ago +1

    I would play super mario bros 1 on this 8k TV

  • Vincus_HD


     21 hours ago +1

    I would rather play on 4k 120FPS than 8K 60FPS



     21 hours ago

    Прикольно чувак за кадром угорает) ржу в месте с ним)

  • Tudor Leonte

    Tudor Leonte

     23 hours ago

    u nothin but a bunch of dushbags

  • Tudor Leonte

    Tudor Leonte


    dude,where did you get those filthy rags from?

  • Don Ixion

    Don Ixion


    Here I am, Happy with 1080p. 4k ( if I have care to get one ) will be my max till death display. Then again, I might live longer then the 4k spec is sold.

  • Hadouken OCX

    Hadouken OCX

     yesterday +1

    i play on my 2019 sonys best 4k oled tv in the world and ppl ask me wtf how is this tv better than my 8k tv i say to him well pleb its sony and oled tec :=)