Star Awards 2019 - Top 10 Female - Pan Ling Ling

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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 14, 2019
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  • 似是故人来

     2 months ago


  • May Chua

     2 months ago

    Yup ...agreed with below comment...Pang Ling Ling is the prettiest actress when young but her acting isnt as good as huang biren or hong hui fang.Anyway congrats to her😃

  • XJNalada

     29 days ago

    玲玲姐真的美了一辈子 角色里面特别糟糕的造型她都演得特别好 很喜欢她

  • Jun GAL

     1 months ago

    Support Pak Chi💖💖💖💖💖

  • peacelife

     1 months ago

    They should have more exit for the stars instead of going through so many people. I remember her face isnt she one of the original back in the day.

  • elona choong

     1 months ago

    What is she wearing ? A costume outfit from a set in the late 80’s? N her hair omg...

  • Ben yun

     2 months ago

    张柏芝这次受邀来颁奖,据说最后关头拒绝接受访问。希望大会下次邀请一些大方得体的影星来颁奖,才能为我们的节目加分。一些浪得虚名的"大牌" 就免了 !