I Tried To Make A Pie With Zero Waste

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 8, 2018
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  • Rie McClenny

    Rie McClenny

     4 months ago +1985

    Thank you so much for watching! Subscribe to my channel for more videos :) Tasty no wastey!

  • Lulu Productions

    Lulu Productions

     6 months ago +2321

    If they ever fire Rie we'll riot

  • Jessica


     10 months ago +4250

    Who can’t love Rie? Such a QUEEN!

  • Scartist


     8 months ago +1913

    Guess you can say Rie is a 'cutie pie' :'D

  • ĸenzιe n.

    ĸenzιe n.

     9 months ago +655

    90% of the comments are about how much they love Rei
    10% of the comments are about the video

  • Purpol


     10 months ago +2958

    She folded the butter foil into a swan. Too precious

  • Amber Cs

    Amber Cs

     8 months ago +704

    This is rie
    One like one cake

  • crenannah


     8 months ago +462

    Wait, aren't the stickers on apples edible? Or was my older brother just trying to sabotage my life?

  • Jasmine Kan

    Jasmine Kan

     10 months ago +723

    Did anyone see the #ASMR on the dough while it was being rolled. XD

  • Lovely Anonymous

    Lovely Anonymous

     9 months ago +332

    Okay so... I just realized (since I'm new) that Rie looks like Colette Tatou from ratatouille movie... (I don't mean it in a bad way)
    Is it just me or are my eyes deceiving me????

  • AbsoluteTutorials


     6 months ago +141

    Love Rie

  • 3auka88


     7 months ago +122

    You can't really count the "bio trash" as actual trash because you can composte it so it's not really trash that will end up on the street forever.
    And since she folded the butter wrapper to a crane it's decoration 😹 😹 😹 and not trash

  • MrB MrB

    MrB MrB

     8 months ago +90

    Apple Stickers are edible. They don't taste good, but the FDA requires the stickers be edible in case of an accident.



     10 months ago +158

    I think eggshells are composable

  • Maliha Intikhab

    Maliha Intikhab

     a years ago +17948

    One of the best decisions Buzzfeed ever made was hiring Rie.

  • Letmesleepinpeace


     2 months ago +38

    “I Sacrifice myself for this challenge..” - Rie

  • Fujoshi Sonata

    Fujoshi Sonata

     5 months ago +27

    tasty notification
    Me: Looks but doesn't have any intention to watch
    Sees rie's face
    Clicks faster than a thunderbolt

  • Sbeve Sbeve

    Sbeve Sbeve

     10 months ago +102

    Tasty you sneaks. Writing #ASMR on the pie dough.

  • Ayna Najeeb

    Ayna Najeeb

     1 months ago +12

    I'm a simple person........
    I saw Rie in the thumbnail, I clicked the video!💚

  • S W

    S W

     11 months ago +3756

    Tasty should just have a playlist called "Rie does stuff".