Restoration electric chain hoist very rusty 50 years old | Restore the antique electric winch 1969

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  • Published on:  Friday, December 6, 2019
  • Restoration electric chain hoist very rusty 50 years old | Restore the antique electric winch 1969 - The project to restore a 50-year-old electric chain hoist is a great challenge for us. The knowledge we gain from books is very limited. Any errors in the video you leave comments below comments. Do not forget to subscribe to channels and share


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  • DT Restoration

    DT Restoration

     1 months ago +49

    How is my knowledge of an electric chain wheel? I am very happy to receive your feedback and suggestions. thank you very much!

  • Roque jusson Rodrigues Jusson

    Roque jusson Rodrigues Jusson

     18 hours ago

    Ótimo, a melhor que assisti até agora

  • Garagem 152

    Garagem 152


    Ok muito bom

  • Debuch Martin

    Debuch Martin


    Nice job! Although the Paintjob may be improved but well... I assume you wanted a useful tool and that you certainly have. But if I were you I would try to get a different chain. The one looks very pitted by rust which makes it dangerous. Watch the video of Brian Blocks channel. He had a break of a rusty chain on his hoist while lifting some heavy load. He was very lucky not to get hurt or even worse. Still the crash caused some major damage to the machine he was lifting.

    Best regards and of course thumbs up for that video!


  • graham Isteed

    graham Isteed

     2 days ago

    Good job

  • Raio Letal

    Raio Letal

     2 days ago

    Ótimo trabalho de restauração. Faltou apenas caprichar um pouco no acabamento elétrico e de pintura.

  • vulcan1429


     2 days ago

    Make a 20 gal. container of molasses and a little water. Submerge the whole machine...cover and wait 2 weeks. Withdraw and rinse. Touch up spots with wire brush.

  • Damian Chrzanowski

    Damian Chrzanowski

     2 days ago

    50years old?

  • М К

    М К

     4 days ago

    подшипник так не забивают

  • Tommy Armour

    Tommy Armour

     4 days ago

    Great job!!! I noticed a lot of comments telling you to do this and that. It's amazing work, and it's yours so enjoy.

  • Jose Nieves

    Jose Nieves

     4 days ago

    Excellent work on this restoration 👍

  • Ion Racer

    Ion Racer

     5 days ago

    I coukdnt finish when he bondoed over all that rust..

  • Brandon D

    Brandon D

     6 days ago

    Good job man. Just curious though. Why don’t you use ratchet wrenches?

  • Jeff Walker

    Jeff Walker

     6 days ago

    More than 3 parts and I forget where they go, nice job.

  • Book Steer

    Book Steer

     7 days ago

    You don't have to use fast motion in your videos. Everybody watching it has time to kill. The frantic pace isn't relaxing, and it's hard to see what you're doing. 😉

  • Dirga AutoService

    Dirga AutoService

     7 days ago

    50 years old? Are you sure?

  • J.A. Pérez

    J.A. Pérez

     7 days ago

    eso lo tienes mal conectado, no debe ir a semejante velocidad.

  • Curtis Kane

    Curtis Kane

     7 days ago +2

    Something isn’t right. That should never move the chain that fast.

  • ZuStar Dreams Experience Mindful

    ZuStar Dreams Experience Mindful

     7 days ago

    If you’re going to pound of something you just painted be sure to put something soft to cushion other side you scratched and dented up fresh paint on your rough work table other then that great build !!

  • The Darasz

    The Darasz

     7 days ago

    What liqid is that to remove the rust?