1 Hour Relaxing BTS Music Box for Sleeping and Studying

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 16, 2017
  • A collection for the upcoming summer! Hope you enjoy!

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Qw9bKWd5dP4


  • Smyang Piano

    Smyang Piano

     a years ago +1821

    Check out the second BTS Music Box collection!

  • Hey Friends!S2

    Hey Friends!S2

     an hour ago

    26:51 qual o nome dessa. Musica?

  • Jillian B

    Jillian B


    This belongs to @anne kim. Her comment is so far so I have to paste it here so that I can choose the songs easier everytime I watch the video.
    00:00 Spring day
    04:38 Hold me tight
    08:10 Run
    11:28 Butterfly
    15:00 2! 3!
    19:28 Lie
    25:04 I NEED U
    28:10 Lost
    33:54 House of Cards
    36:53 Young Forever
    40:04 Awake
    45:19 Studio Ghibli vs BTS
    47:16 I need U chorus
    48:06 Edit: Kimi Wo Nosete (Thank You Hayley!)
    50:12 Butterfly
    51:00 First love
    55:24 4 o'clock For Confizzlied peeps

  • Boongles yoongles

    Boongles yoongles


    life can be so shitty sometimes

  • h h

    h h

     2 days ago

    I legit just wanted to sleep, why are you all making me cry like this. Just, sTop iT

  • Amira Fallata

    Amira Fallata

     3 days ago

    BTS is simply are a 7 magical boys who changed the world to the better and made it shine with their beautiful magic we army’s will forever be grateful for everything even if it’s small they putted a small in our faces
    Army’s from all around the globe 💜
    ( will you excuse my bad English )

  • Bố là A Mị

    Bố là A Mị

     5 days ago +1

    2020 😭 good bye 2019

  • Rute Rodrigues

    Rute Rodrigues

     6 days ago

    I'm not crying ... you are ...

  • Ribbi mangga Gamer

    Ribbi mangga Gamer

     7 days ago +1

    the comments its so deppresing..

    the comments reamind me of nct dream.. T~T

  • BTS Namjoon!!!

    BTS Namjoon!!!

     7 days ago

    Think about this

    Some get to go to concerts while others are crying while looking on their screens.
    Just know that, they know you are there
    It might not seem like it but they created us.....they created.... their strong ARMY.
    We protect and when they cry, they cry on our shoulders. And they my not be here forever, but they will live throughout history. 💜💜

  • daniella


     7 days ago

    :cc  i miss them

  • Ocean Bistrong

    Ocean Bistrong

     7 days ago

    Is this like the Korean pop people?

  • Calico cat ネコ

    Calico cat ネコ

     7 days ago

    Oh my gudness.

  • Knoxx Kim

    Knoxx Kim

     7 days ago

    Im here to study for my exams tommorow,i hope to pass this exams because its all the hardest subjects for me🙏

    Srry for my not so good grammar heh😅✌

  • your mom gay your mom really gay

    your mom gay your mom really gay

     7 days ago

    alright who's cutting the onions?

  • Yall need jesus

    Yall need jesus

     7 days ago

    It acc makes me sad how BTS Is gonna be over 1 day😟I'll feel so old and I'll be crying with my fan acc dead and Not playing their music cuz it reminds me of them

  • Kim Tae Tae

    Kim Tae Tae

     7 days ago

    I wasn't planning to but i cried :)

  • ameera natasha

    ameera natasha

     7 days ago

    this sounds help me so much in pp, it gave me chill and rest so well, and slowy my pain goes away❤ thankyou so much for create this such a masterpiece

  • Jassy Edits

    Jassy Edits

     7 days ago +1

    Guys we shouldn't be sad BTS will always be in our hearts! Like they were hete for us we will be there for them!💜

  • tae comet

    tae comet

     7 days ago +1

    oof, I came here to sleep not cry