I stayed at the WORST rated HOTEL in my city!! *disgusting*

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 3, 2019
  • I stayed at the WORST rated HOTEL in my city!! *disgusting*
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/RADFXs7xU74


  • Beth Waring

    Beth Waring

     4 days ago

    Ur dad should definitely do a YouTube channel he’s so funny😂😂

  • penelope playz

    penelope playz

     4 days ago

    That sqeak is so loud

  • chloeXpixelz


     7 days ago

    i think ur dad was mostly scared that someone might break into ur room and the "my bed was uncomfy" was more of an excuse bless him such a sweet dad <3

  • Sandbox Colourings

    Sandbox Colourings

     7 days ago

    Good luck 😂😂

  • Sara Filipa

    Sara Filipa

     14 days ago

    Your dad just chilling in his phone laying in bed in a full suit and a gas mask has me dying 😂

  • Dana Micciche

    Dana Micciche

     14 days ago

    Been a lazy weekend and I have been watching a number of your videos. I love the relationships you have with the members of your family.
    Oh, and - ew to the hotel!

  • Kaytlin Stremlau

    Kaytlin Stremlau

     14 days ago

    Also the people next door pages 539 pounds each and got everything we didnt....................... There were 12 of them!!!!!!!!!

  • Kaytlin Stremlau

    Kaytlin Stremlau

     14 days ago

    We recently have... There were literally no beds, it was below zero in our room's,and there was no bathrooms at all.. Worst of all there was five of us and it was literally 187 pounds per person.. It was the worst......................

  • Kristal Clark

    Kristal Clark

     14 days ago

    At 14:47 why are there holes in the left side and on the right arm of his top?

  • Caroline Lieser

    Caroline Lieser

     14 days ago

    Omg I have never laughed so much, when your dad walked in with the forensic outfit and mask on I literally spat my coffee out what I was drinking at the time...You were both brave staying in that hotel... well done :)

  • adam noble

    adam noble

     21 days ago

    Love you guys xxxx❤️♥️💝💋

  • Lamia Kleit

    Lamia Kleit

     1 months ago +1


  • Carli Ehrlich

    Carli Ehrlich

     1 months ago

    I feel so bad for you and your dad I hate bed bugs too luckily I don't have any 😁

  • Kay Rowson

    Kay Rowson

     1 months ago

    OMG This is disgusting, well done to you both for lasting the night.
    Saffron did you do your make up in the dark this morning as it normally looks great but today it's terrible sorry xx

  • Crilixo


     1 months ago

    is this a child friendly channel :/

  • Kelly Forte

    Kelly Forte

     1 months ago

    Did you guys say anything to the people that worked there about the maintenance of the place?

  • Kelly Forte

    Kelly Forte

     1 months ago

    Way too funny

  • Charlie greenwood

    Charlie greenwood

     1 months ago


  • Kacey Wade

    Kacey Wade

     1 months ago


  • makena Marion-emes

    makena Marion-emes

     1 months ago

    Go join the party